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Welcome to security books,disks,tutorials,services: Computer hackers,computer security,social engineering,van eck,tempest,countermeasuresWelcome to security books,disks,tutorials,services: Computer hackers,computer security,social engineering,van eck,tempest,countermeasures Welcome to security books,disks,tutorials,services: Computer hackers,computer security,social engineering,van eck,tempest,countermeasures
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SECRETS of SOCIAL ENGINEERING: "Social Engineering" is the science of persuasion and manipulating people to do exactly what you want them to do - even if it against their best judgment or interests - with minimal loss, costs and risks to yourself. While the term was originated by hackers and phreakers (adept social engineers) to describe socializing techniques they developed for obtaining vital information from sysops, security personnel, and phone operators, it is as old as time itself, and is the tool of every adept politician, sales person, preacher and con man. Even chimps know how to "Social Engineer," while many humans have lost this vital skill over the millennia. Words=12.6K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-73-8

The HACKER FILES: HF is an eye-popping compilation of 100s of fascinating articles written by master phone phreakers and computer hackers that describe, in their own colorful words, the history, experiences, antics and techniques of the hacker, phreaker and cyberpunk undergrounds. Compiled and edited by the infamous MasterBlaster. Much of this information is not freely available on the Internet - even if you went through great trouble and time to search the Net; and many websites that seem to offer hacker info will secretly infect your computer system with computer viruses, other computer infections. 3 HD Disks! $29.ISBN: 0-934274-42-8. Only $49 when purchased with " COMPUTER SECURITY."

COMPUTER SECURITY: Computer crime and abuses cost $ Billions annually and have devastated many systems. CP describes in sizzling detail: Dozens of computer crime methods and actual cases - includes the detailed case histories of several major groups! How computer hackers penetrate systems.

Very frank and shocking. Comprehensive, invaluable. Includes one HD Disk filled with hacker text files. Words=55.2K + disk text. words=55.2K + disk text. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-61-4. Only $49 when purchased with "The HACKER FILES."

Beyond VAN ECK TEMPEST: Eavesdropping on computer monitor and TV CRT video signals using an ordinary TV and a specially-designed sync circuit described in detail! Ranges up to 1 KM! Topics include: Electromagnetic Interference, Video Signal Component, benefits, suitable receivers, reception obstacles, Van Eck Displays, how it works, computer monitor eavesdropping vs TV eavesdropping, much more! Includes plans we developed here at Consumertronics and VAN ECK'S TOP SECRET PLANS! The authority on TEMPEST technology! Includes tempest ramifications, tempest countermeasures, and legal tempest uses. Plus satellite-linked phone call vulnerability to TVRO! words=14.9K. $29.ISBN: 0-934274-33-9

VAN ECK DEMO TAPE: Check out how our original Van Eck System can be used to remotely monitor computer video displays (from their EM emanations) using a TV or multisync monitor and the very special SYNREST device described in BVEP. This 15 minute VHS video shows you our Multisync Van Eck system in action. The system shown is ideal for monitoring high-resolution VGA monitors, SVGA monitors, etc. Shows you our proprietary SYNREST II Module (with built-in microwave amp, tuner and Williams' NTSC-to-RGB Converter). Absolutely required by all who are serious about TEMPEST systems! This narrated demo of the WVES clearly shows how incredibly well the WVES works! VHS format, 15 min. $29.

Purchase the " BEYOND VAN ECK TEMPEST" manual with the "VAN ECK DEMO TAPE" together for only $49!

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Disks are 3.5" PC Windows format, and each has a (Acrobat) PDF file of about 1 MB in size, consisting of several .TXT, .HTM, et al ASCII Text files appended to each other. The combined compressed PDF file size is about half the total sizes of its ASCII files. We carefully sifted through our gigantic and growing private underground database (much of it NOT on the Net) and found the best files relating to the exciting topics of this webpage. Each PDF file is raw and mostly unedited content (substantial formatting editing is done to much improve readability); therefore there may be some inaccuracies, omissions, duplications. To preserve the rich and colorful expressions of some of the original authors, we mostly left intact those file parts which are crude. Most of this material is controversial (but applicable countermeasures are also usually included), and may require adult maturity. We take no responsibility for anything we publish, including file content. To read these PDF files requires Acrobat Reader 4.x or higher (Adobe Acrobat is standard software not provided by us). Once you’ve loaded a file, you can use the Acrobat Find feature to quickly search for keywords. NOTE: All Sales Final! - No Refunds on all D-2-D PURCHASES.

PRICES: 1 DISK $19, 2 DISKs $34, 3 DISKs $47, EACH ADD'L $13 EACH

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A-C: The "antivirus programs." The "antivirus software." The "Blacklisted 411 Magazine." The "computer attack." The "computer crime." The "computer crimes." The "computer countermeasures." The "computer decoding." The "computer decrypting." The "computer decryption." The "computer encoding." The "computer encrypting." The "computer encryption." The "cyber criminals." The "cyber-criminals." The "cyberpunk underground."

Computer Data : The "computer data decoding." The "computer data decrypting." The "computer data decryption." The "computer data encoding." The "computer data encrypting." The "computer data encryption." The "computer data privacy protection." The "computer data protection." The "computer data recovery." The "computer data rescue." The "computer data security." The "computer data survival."

Computer Files : The "computer file decoding." The "computer file decrypting." The "computer file decryption." The "computer file encoding." The "computer file encrypting." The "computer file encryption." The "computer file privacy protection." The "computer file protection." The "computer file recovery." The "computer file rescue." The "computer file security." The "computer file survival."

Computer Fraud - CZ: The "computer accessory." The "computer accessories." The "computer books." The "computer circuits." The "computer countermeasures." The "computer designs." The "computer devices." The "computer equipment." The "computer fraud." The "computer frauds." The "computer fraud prevention." The "computer fraud protection." The "computer hackers." The "computer hardware." The "computer hardware security." The "computer infection." The "computer infections." The "computer monitor eavesdropping." The "computer monitor surveillance." The "computer monitors." The "computer operating systems." The "computer peripherals." The "computer program." The "computer programing." The "computer programming." The "computer program." The "computer programs." The "computer privacy." The "computer privacy protection." The "computer products." The "computer protection." The "computer scams." The "computer science." The "computer science project." The "computer science projects." The "computer security." The "computer services." The "computer software." The "computer spam." The "computer special projects." The "computer strategy." The "computer strategies." The "computer survival." The "computer systems." The "computer system analysis." The "computer system analyst." The "computer system security." The "computer tactic." The "computer tactics." The "computer technique." The "computer techniques." The "computer technology." The "computer technologies." The "computer tutorials." The "computer virus." The "computer viruses." The "computer vulnerability." The "computer vulnerabilities." The "computer worm." The "computer worms." The "con artists." The "countermeasure devices." The "countermeasure equipment." The "countermeasure hardware." The "countermeasure strategies." The "countermeasure tactics ." The "countermeasure target." The "countermeasure techniques." The "crime fighting."

D-E: The "data decoding." The "data decrypting." The "data decryption." The "data encoding." The "data encrypting." The "data encryption." The "data privacy protection." The "data protection." The "data recovery." The "data rescue." The "data security." The "data survival." The "decoding computer files." The "decrypting computer files." The "decoding files." The "decrypting files." The "disk drive security." The "disk security." The "dumpster diving." The "encoding computer files." The "encrypting computer files." The "encoding files." The "encrypting files."

F-G: The "fake id scams." The "fighting crime." The "file decoding." The "file decrypting." The "file decryption." The "file encoding." The "file encrypting." The "file encryption." The "file privacy protection." The "file protection." The "file recovery." The "file rescue." The "file security." The "file survival." The "financial frauds." The "financial scams." The "fraud countermeasures." The "fraud detection." The "fraud prevention." The "fraud protection."

H: The "hacker countermeasures." The "hacker culture." The "hacker files." The "hacker strategies." The "hacker tactics." The "hacker techniques." The "hackers and phreakers." The "hard drive security." The "high tech books." The "hi-tech books." The "high tech consultants." The "hi-tech consultants." The "high tech consulting." The "hi-tech consulting." The "high tech manuals." The "hi-tech manuals." The "high tech offers." The "hi-tech offers." The "high tech products." The "hi-tech products." The "high tech publications." The "hi-tech publications." The "high tech services." The "hi-tech services." The "high tech security books." The "hi-tech security books." The "high tech security consultants." The "hi-tech security consultants." The "high tech security consulting." The "hi-tech security consulting." The "high tech security manuals." The "hi-tech security manuals." The "high tech security offers." The "hi-tech security offers." The "high tech security products." The "hi-tech security products." The "high tech security publications." The "hi-tech security publications." The "high tech security services." The "hi-tech security services." The "high tech survival books." The "hi-tech survival books." The "high tech survival consultants." The "hi-tech survival consultants." The "high tech survival consulting." The "hi-tech survival consulting." The "high tech survival manuals." The "hi-tech survival manuals." The "high tech survival offers." The "hi-tech survival offers." The "high tech survival products." The "hi-tech survival products." The "high tech survival publications." The "hi-tech survival publications." The "high tech survival services." The "hi-tech survival services." The "home network." The "home networks." The "how to prevent." The "how to prevent hackers." The "how to prevent ID theft." The "how to prevent identity theft." The "how to prevent invasion of privacy." The "how to prevent private data losses." The "how to prevent theft." The "how to prevent theft of passwords." The "how to protect." The "how to protect against identity theft." The "how to protect against invasion of privacy." The "how to protect data." The "how to protect passwords." The "how to protect privacy." The "how to protect your ID." The "how to protect your identity." The "how to protect your passwords." The "how to protect your privacy." The "how to protect your private data." The "how to social engineer." The "how to stop hackers." The "how to stop ID theft." The "how to stop identity theft."

I-Q: The "identity fraud." The "identity security." The "identity theft." The "internet fraud." The "internet frauds and scams." The "internet scams." The "internet hoaxes." The "internet hoaxes and scams." The "internet identity theft." The "internet phone scams." The "internet privacy protection." The "internet scams." The "internet security products." The "internet security solutions." The "internet security systems." The "internet survival." The "invasion of privacy." The "investment frauds." The "investment scams." The "local area network." The "local area networks." The "modern security." The "net security." The "online fraud." The "online frauds." The "online privacy protection." The "online frauds." The "online scams." The "online security." The "online survival." The "permanent fixes." The "permanent solutions." The "phone operations." The "phone operators." The "phone phreakers." The "phreakers and hackers." The "programing computers." The "programming computers." The "protect against identity theft." The "protect identity." The "protect internet identity." The "protect internet privacy." The "protect privacy." The "phone system."

R-S: The "reporting computer." The "scams and cons." The "science project." The "science projects." The "security books." The "security fraud." The "security holes." The "security information." The "security manuals." The "security measures." The "security online." The "security personnel." The "security plans." The "security problems." The "security services." The "security solutions." The "security strategies." The "security systems." The "security tactics." The "security techniques." The "security tutorials." The "social engineer." The "social engineered." The "social engineering." The "social engineering tactics." The "social engineering techniques." The "social engineering strategies." The "special projects." The "SVGA monitors."

T: The "tempest circuit designs." The "tempest circuits." The "tempest countermeasures." The "tempest designs." The "tempest devices." The "tempest eavesdropping." The "tempest equipment." The "tempest espionage." The "tempest hardware." The "tempest merchandise." The "tempest methods." The "tempest plans." The "tempest products." The "tempest programs." The "tempest projects." The "tempest security." The "tempest services." The "tempest special projects." The "tempest spying." The "tempest strategies." The "tempest surveillance." The "tempest systems." The "tempest tactics." The "tempest techniques." The "tempest technology." The "tempest technologies." The "temporary fixes." The "temporary solutions." The "Transient ElectroMagnetic Pulse Surveillance." The "trash digging." The "trojan horse." The "trojan horses."

V: The "van eck." The "van eck circuit designs." The "van eck circuits." The "van eck countermeasures." The "van eck designs." The "van eck devices." The "van eck eavesdropping." The "van eck equipment." The "van eck espionage." The "van eck hardware." The "van eck merchandise." The "van eck methods." The "van eck plans." The "van eck products." The "van eck programs." The "van eck projects." The "van eck security." The "van eck services." The "van eck special projects." The "van eck spying." The "van eck strategies." The "van eck surveillance." The "van eck systems." The "van eck tactics." The "van eck techniques." The "van eck technology." The "van eck technologies." The "van eck tempest." The "van eck tempest circuit designs." The "van eck tempest circuits." The "van eck tempest countermeasures." The "van eck tempest designs." The "van eck tempest devices." The "van eck tempest eavesdropping." The "van eck tempest equipment." The "van eck tempest espionage." The "van eck tempest hardware." The "van eck tempest merchandise." The "van eck tempest methods." The "van eck tempest plans." The "van eck tempest products." The "van eck tempest programs." The "van eck tempest projects." The "van eck tempest security." The "van eck tempest services." The "van eck tempest special projects." The "van eck tempest spying." The "van eck tempest strategies." The "van eck tempest surveillance." The "van eck tempest systems." The "van eck tempest tactics." The "van eck tempest techniques." The "van eck tempest technology." The "van eck tempest technologies." The "VGA monitors." The "voice mail security."

W-Z: The "war driving." The "web frauds." The "web scams." The "web security." The "wide area network." The "wide area networks."

HARDWARE & SPECIAL SERVICES (for legal educational and/or entertainment purposes only)! Our exciting books and manuals are described on our Online Catalog webpage: Many of these include comprehensive circuit diagrams and functional descriptions. We designed and built here almost all of these circuits (and many, many more), and sold them as our Off-the-Shelf Hardware and Special Projects. We no longer sell functional hardware that we make. We do sell nonfunctional hardware of what we used to make - mostly electronic ( strictly as salvage: (LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAINING! - once sold there will be no more! - buy all you need as soon as possible - before they are all forever gone!), and also strictly as very realistically-looking models, mockups, replicas and novelties as SPECIAL PROJECTS: NOTE: For salvage and SP hardware, while priced very low compared to the original functional versions, we provide no guarantees, support, user manuals, schematics, batteries or refunds (Special Projects also does consulting and research services).
         HARDWARE SALES: We also sell functional hardware which others make as surplus and salvage: For comprehensive list of 10,000s of item types we Sell, Buy and Trade for (including in exchange for our popular books and manuals), see our popular: ABQ-Techzonics - 1,000,000 integrated circuits (ICs) + 1,000,000 other small electronic parts + plus electronic test equipment + many other high-tech electronic and non-electronic Items.
        LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. (7250 N. Mesa, Suite C, PMB 70, El Paso, TX 79912, 915-474-0334, makes customized device types much closer than any other company we know of to the popular and exciting functional device types we used to make and sell as Special Projects and Off-the-Shelf Hardware - plus many other device types - plus extensive invention prototyping and invention consulting services - plus they also sell Historical Diagrams for many controversial device types! Their device types are described at ==> LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. NOTE: We are not LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. Neither one owns the other, is a subsidiary of the other, or is responsible for the other. Should you wish to do business with Lone Star Consulting, Inc., please contact them DIRECTLY as you would any other business (as with all purchases one makes, you should check out all available sources for items of interest). Furthermore, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has an excellent free tutorial on mind control and electronic attacks (if you go to it, please return here): FREE MIND CONTROL /ELECTRONIC ATTACK TUTORIAL. As policy, we never recommend or endorse for or against any other company, product or service - even if you find a link for it on our webpages. (Our privacy and other policies are at:
       OTHER SPECIAL SERVICES: NO AC ADAPTER EQUIPMENT RESCUE: Lost or broken AC Power Adapter to your valuable equipment too hard to replace? We have 100s of AC adapters, and may be able to help: INTERNET AUCTION SERVICES: We also offer Net Auction/Sales Services (eBay,, Craigslist, ABQ-Techzonics, etc.) for your stuff that you don't need so much any more but are just too busy to sell yourself: HOME/OFFICE TUTORING SERVICES: We also offer home and office tutoring services (Albuquerque, NM only): PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISALS: We also offer Professional Property Appraisal Services (non-Real Estate): COMPUTER SERVICING: Need to get your computer or software repaired, installed, modified, upgraded, updated, tuned-up, or lost data retrieved? Computer damaged by or inflicted with viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware/spyware, popups, other malware, and/or spam? Let us computer geeks confidentially service your computer hardware and software needs: LEGAL RESEARCH SERVICES: Need/interested in being educated about civil or criminal legal topics important to you? Let us provide you relatively very low cost legal research. John Williams is an experienced lay litigant (District Court + Appeals Court), lecturer of "pro se" law, and a prolific legal researcher, legal author and legal publisher of legal books (we are not licensed attorneys and we don't offer legal advice, legal opinion or legal claims; New Mexico residents only):


Prefer to trade rather than buy our products and services? Have items you no longer need but we do? Short of cash? We are interested in trading and buying (and also selling) numerous electronic parts, electronic test equipment, hardware, modern computer systems, computer peripherals, software, printing / publishing equipment / parts / supplies, books, small parts, scientific equipment, industrial equipment, commercial equipment, et al - too numerous to list here! For details of some of the items we are interested in trading for or buying from you that can eliminate or much reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for, see our items4trade.htm website, CLICK HERE =>
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