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John J. Williams, MSEE, CEO

John Williams is a former Senior Electronics Design Engineer (Lockheed); Professor of Computer Science (NMSU); Electronics Weapons Design Engineer (Navy, Air Force); Health Physicist (NIH). Williams is also a licensed real estate salesperson (New Mexico)

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CALLER ID & ANI SECURITY: Want to keep your ID secret when calling? This manual details how they work and the dozens of vulnerabilities of Caller ID, ANI, *69, *57, and Call Blocking and *67. Also describes Caller ID, Orange, Beige, Cheese and CF Boxes, ESS, SS7, E-911, various CLASS services, CN/A, NON PUB DA, CAMA, DNR, 800-ECR, Diverters, LD Extenders, Centrex, more! Topics also include: What is Caller ID?, Class Per-Call Services, Advantages and Disadvantages of Caller ID, Phone Privacy, Technical Details, Countermeasures. Most methods are clever techniques only and no special equipment is used. Some use inexpensive, commonly-available equipment. Comprehensive. ("ANI" is Automatic Number Identification, the type of Caller ID commonly used as part of toll-free number service). words=15.2K. $24. ISBN: 0-934274-56-8

CELLULAR & CORDLESS GUIDE: Details how cellphones operate and are cloned and reprogrammed. Vulnerabilities to hack attack and countermeasures. Comprehensive info on reprogramming NAMs and ESNs, control data formats, computing encoded MINs, ESNs, SIDHs, operating system, PROMs and their programming, forcing ACK, Test Mode and resets, scanning, tracking, scanner restorations, wireless freq and channel allocations, roaming, ESN and SIDH tables, parts/equipment sources, Attendant Stations, non-USA cellular, health concerns, and the ECPA and its critique. Step-by-step descriptions on how to keypad reprogram 100+ popular cellphones; specific cellphone models include:AT&T 1300, 1300C, 1400; AUDIOVOX BC55, BC55A, CMT410, CMT410A, CTX1500, CTX1900, CTX2500, CTX3100, CTX3100A, CTX4000, CTX4100, CTX4100A, SP85, SP85A, Transport., CMT300 (BMW), CTX3200A, CTX4200A, 832CO, C1D00, CTR2000, TCT400; COLT Transport.; DIAMONDTEL MESA 52, 55, 90X, 92, 95, 99X; FUJITSU Mobile Phone, 364A (XT/LT/FX/DX/XL); GATEWAY CP900; GE CF1000, CF2000, CF2500, CF3000, CF4000, MINI, MINI II, EXEC XR, MONOGRAM XR, XR3000, XR4000; GOLDSTAR SERIES 5000; HITACHI CR-211H, CR2121H; MITSUBISHI 555, 560, 600, 800, 900, 3000; MOTOROLA 4800, 8000H, Ultra Classic, MICRO-TAC BFLIP"; NEC 1000, 3500, 5000, 7000, M3700, M4500, M4600, P200, P300, P9100, 4500, 4600; NOKIA 101, 1000, 232, PT228, LX-11, M-11, M-10, P-30; NOVATEL PTR800, PTR825, 8305, TRANSPORTABLE CA08; OKI CDL400, 750, 900; PANASONIC CM800, TF800, 6106, 6110, EB311, EB300, EB362, EB500, CM500, EB-T10, EB2500, EB2501, EB2502, EB-C10, TP500, TP800, HP600, HH700, HH900, EB-H10, EB-H105, EB3500, EB3501, EZ-542, EF6106EA, EF6110EA; RADIO SHACK 17-1002, CT200, CT201, CT300, CT301; UNIDEN CP-900 through 6000 (14 models). C&CP also contains a complete section on how hackers phreak cordless phones, and more. words=80.0K.$29. ISBN: 0-934274-55-X. Only $39 when combined with "PAGER (Beeper) MANUAL."

Beyond PHONE COLOR BOXES: This incredible manual describes in gut-wrenching detail: RED, BLUE, BLACK, GRAY, SILVER, YELLOW, GREEN, BROWN, PURPLE, WHITE, BEIGE, CF, S&M, CLEAR, CHEESE, and "MUTE" BOXES! Many modern schematics are provided as well as computer routines to simulate popular phone boxes! Some of these boxes were designed by phone phreakers to:

Completely rewritten and with much more info on diverters, extenders, loops, 3rd-party and other non-box related phone techniques, bridging heads and cans, REMOBS, lineman's handsets, and boxes (including the Optocom Box!). Also includes simple and effective methods hackers use to "mine" pay phones of their change. Due to sophisticated phone system changes and countermeasures, some of the boxing methods don't work in most U.S. areas. However, phone boxing activity has increased in recent years due to cellular phone phreaking, so protect yourself. Comprehensive, includes glossary of phone phreak terms. words=42.5K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-86-X

PHONE PAGER (Beeper) MANUAL : Eye-popping manual describes in detail how Pagers and Beepers work, different types and uses, frequencies, advantages over and uses with cellphones, tips and tricks. How phone phreaks hack Pagers and countermeasures. Topics also include: Types of Pagers, Advantages & Disadvantages, Paging Services, Selecting a Pager, Pagers for Security Applications, Pager Decoding, Terminal Data Ports, Pager Security, Interception & the Law, more! Includes plans for your own Personal Pocket Paging System (transmitter and receiver). words=11.7K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-76-2. Only $49 when combined with "CELLULAR & CORDLESS GUIDE."

PBX SECURITY: A PBX (Private Branch eXchange) is an in-house phone system characterized by messages such as, "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Service...". PBXs are hacked at a total annual loss of $5 - $10 Billion! This manual exposes most issues relating to PBXs, including effective countermeasures! Topics include: the Scope of PBX crime, Intro to PBX systems, Computer-based PBXs, PBXs and WATS, Benefits, 3rd Party Frauds, 800 Exchange list, PBX phone list. Consider that the Aug 3, 1992 Forbes Magazine, "For Whom the Bells Toll" article on PBX hackers devoted an entire half-page to only one PBX hackers expert - John Williams of Consumertronics! When it comes to hacking and phreaking, we clearly are the best! words=17.5K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-57-6

VOICE MAIL SECURITY: Voice Mail Systems (VMS) are hacked to:

Damage or destroy the VMS or the PBX itself. Finally, the authoritative source on VMB and PBX hackers is here! Written by a master hacker, "The Shark," VMH manual includes descriptions of VMSs, details on how they and PBXs are hacked, and specific step-by-step hackers information for ASPEN, MESSAGE CENTER, BIX, SYDNEY, AUDIX, PHONE MAIL, EZ, CINDY, CENTAGRAM, SPERRY LINK, RSVP, and more! If you are a VMB sysop, user or just curious - protect yourself - order today! words=14.2K. $24. ISBN: 0-934274-58-4

ANSWERING MACHINE SECURITY: Describes in eye-popping detail every known way answering machines are hacked to listen to, change and even erase messages on machines (with remote access features), and to convert answering machines into temporary mini-VMBs. Includes countermeasures! Specific makes include: AT&T, Bell South, Cobra, Conair, Code-a-Phone, GE, Goldstar, Panasonic, PhoneMate, Spectra, Uniden, Unisonic, more! Also includes many general techniques. words=7.6K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-59-2

STOP JUNK FAXES: Fed up with receiving, paying for and wasting your valuable time with those aggravating spam faxes day after day?! Tired of losing valuable business because your customers can't get through because your fax is tied up with the latest offer for free exotic vacation, pump & dump stock, your "Nigerian uncle" who willed you $6 million, offer to make a million dollars by licking envelopes, or your huge contest win or UK lottery win?! You've called their opt-out number only to find that it either does not connect or the opt-out lasted for about a week, and now you are getting even more junk faxes - now that they know that you read their junk faxes and emotionally respond to them. Caller ID screening doesn't work because few fax blasters reveal their phone numbers, and restricting faxers to a list is time-consuming and almost always misses important faxers. Sure, unsolicited junk faxes are illegal. Suing fax blasters is not the problem - collecting from them is the problem. Some are overseas; others regularly go out of business and then pop up as new fax businesses the next day. They have been sued countless times and that hasn't stopped them. Most law enforcement is so bogged down with violent crimes and terrorism that few prosecute fax criminals.
           The cost of one unsolicited fax is about $1 in toner or ribbon, paper, wear and tear on your fax machine, and annoyances and disruptions to you and your family and/or employees. At a buck each, a mere 3 junk faxes per day cost YOU about $1,000/yr of YOUR hard-earned money! With money tighter than ever, who can afford that! If you are a business, agency or institution, junk faxes can even be more costly to you because it leaves you wide open to competitors, pranksters and disgruntled customers and former employees to sabotage you with junk faxes. Junk faxes is also an easy, low-tech type of denial of service attack ripe for exploitation by criminals, terrorists and rogue states. In some cases, the cost to you of even one junk fax can be very high - if not devastating to you - for example, if the junk fax tie-up of your fax machine loses you an important client or a critical medical, legal, or financial document.
           Until we fixed this seriously irritating and costly problem, we got about 4 unsolicited faxes daily! We had tried about a dozen methods to stop the junk faxes that didn't work until we found a method that works great. We also had tried replacing the fax machine with an answering machine for periods up to a week at a loss of fax business to us, only to find that within a day of reconnecting the fax machine, the junk faxes resumed full force. We also had tried CNG filters (CNG notch filters or CNG band stop filters) to filter out the fax CNG tone (the 3-second beeps transmit fax machines send receive fax machines to alert it to prepare for a fax transfer) in conjunction with a fax controller / fax switch (also often referred to as a phone controller / phone switch) from reaching the fax controller / fax switch and causing it to automatically transfer to fax function. While the notch filters worked well to filter out the CNG beeps, however, they also sometimes interfered with the fax transfer itself if the sender or us manually punched in the fax code to allow the fax. We also tested about a dozen fax controllers / fax switches and found that even those that permit you to program in a fax transfer code would still automatically transfer to fax machine upon receipt of the CNG beeps (their fax transfer codes work only with silent fax machines which don't transmit CNG beeps, however, fax blasters typically use CNG beeps to force your fax controller / fax switch to automatically transfer). Finally, we found one high quality fax controller / fax switch you could program to not respond to CNG beeps, but instead to always automatically transfer calls to answering machine (where you would have instructions on the fax transfer code needed to activate transfer to your fax machine (or other procedure you require) so that your fax machine can only be manually activated by the sender or you by pressing in your fax transfer code) - although its user manual clearly states that it automatically switches to fax machine if CNG beeps arrive (do they intentionally mislead so they don't upset the fax manufacturers and office supply and electronic retailers who sell a lot of fax machines to replace spam worn-out fax machines, and fax toner, fax ribbons and paper - heavily profiting from fax spam?)! We often see this fine fax controller / fax switch sell Online for about $20 + shipping.
           This book provides you full details on the fax controller / fax switch we found that can be programmed for manual fax switching regardless of CNG tone input to defeat junk faxes, and how we programmed it to to ignore the CNG tone and always transfer to the answering machine (works with all of the makes and models of fax machines and answering machines we tested it with) to require manual fax transfer code entry to activate fax transfers. Also included is our experiences in trying to discover and perfect this method (including our simple, passive fax filter design), much information on the laws that apply to junk faxes, information on fax counterfeiting, and exposes the shocking methods others use to turn the tables on fax spammers. No hardware included.
Words=11.3K. $19.

FAX MACHINE SECURITY : Describes in detail all known methods phone phreaks use to hack Faxes (Fax attacks) and countermeasures (much more complex than just connecting a third facsimile to the phone line, which doesn't work). Topics include: Computer Fax modems, Fax crimes done with impunity, avoiding Fax harassment and Fax scams, Fax counterfeiting, Fax interception, Fax crime countermeasures, Fax servers, Fax on Demand, Fax protocols, Fax commo parameters, Fax compression, Fax encryption, Fax machine designs, and Fax machine modifications. words=29.0K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-60-6

PHONE RECORDER INTERFACES: Plans for undetectable (ultra-hi input impedance), virtually indestructible Telecorder to record phone conversations. Also monitors for bugs, taps. Plus simple FM transmitter plans for it. Plus our infamous ear-piercing Shriek Module plans. words=4.0K. $19.

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SECRETS of SOCIAL ENGINEERING: "Social Engineering" is the science of persuasion and manipulating people to do exactly what you want them to do - even if it against their best judgment or interests - with minimal loss, costs and risks to yourself. While the term was originated by hackers and phreakers (adept social engineers) to describe socializing techniques they developed for obtaining vital information from sysops, security personnel, and phone operators, it is as old as time itself, and is the tool of every adept politician, sales person, preacher and con man. Even chimps know how to "Social Engineer," while many humans have lost this vital skill over the millennia. words=12.6K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-73-8

The HACKER FILES: HF is an eye-popping compilation of 100s of fascinating articles written by master phone phreakers and computer hackers that describe, in their own colorful words, the history, experiences, antics and techniques of the hacker, phreaker and cyberpunk undergrounds. Compiled and edited by the infamous MasterBlaster. Much of this information is not freely available on the Internet - even if you went through great trouble and time to search the Net; and many websites that seem to offer hacker info will secretly infect your computer system with computer viruses, other computer infections. 3 HD Disks! $29.ISBN: 0-934274-42-8. Only $49 when purchased with " COMPUTER SECURITY."

COMPUTER SECURITY: Computer crime and abuses cost $ Billions annually and have devastated many systems. CP describes in sizzling detail: Dozens of computer crime methods and actual cases - includes the detailed case histories of several major groups! How computer hackers penetrate systems.

Very frank, shocking. Comprehensive, invaluable. Includes one HD Disk filled with hacker text files. words=55.2K + disk text. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-61-4. Only $49 when purchased with "The HACKER FILES."

Beyond VAN ECK TEMPEST: Eavesdropping on computer monitor and TV CRT video signals using an ordinary TV and a specially-designed sync circuit described in detail! Ranges up to 1 KM! Topics include: Electromagnetic Interference, Video Signal Component, benefits, suitable receivers, reception obstacles, Van Eck Displays, how it works, computer monitor eavesdropping vs TV eavesdropping, much more! Includes plans we developed here at Consumertronics and VAN ECK'S TOP SECRET PLANS! The authority on TEMPEST technology! Includes tempest ramifications, tempest countermeasures, and legal tempest uses. Plus satellite-linked phone call vulnerability to TVRO! words=14.9K. $29.ISBN: 0-934274-33-9

VAN ECK DEMO TAPE: Also available as a DVD+R disk. Check out how our original Van Eck System can be used to remotely monitor computer video displays (from their EM emanations) using a TV or multisync monitor and the very special SYNREST device described in BVEP. This 15 minute VHS video shows you our Multisync Van Eck system in action. The system shown is ideal for monitoring high-resolution VGA monitors, SVGA monitors, etc. Shows you our proprietary SYNREST II Module (with built-in microwave amp, tuner and Williams' NTSC-to-RGB Converter). Absolutely required by all who are serious about TEMPEST systems! This narrated demo of the WVES clearly shows how incredibly well the WVES works! VHS or DVD+R format, 15 min. $29.

Purchase the " BEYOND VAN ECK TEMPEST" manual with the "VAN ECK DEMO TAPE" together for only $49!

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INTERNET FRAUDS DATABOOK: Internet cons, scams and related frauds now rake in $2+Billion annually! Most are done anonymously and with little fear of prosecution. Find out how and why. Topics include: How to Protect Yourself, Ways to Identify a Swindler, Attitudes and Morality, Why People Swindle, How Swindlers Pick Targets, Advantages of Swindles, Chameleons, Hazards of the Internet, more! words=19.2K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-62-2

INTERNET TRACKING & TRACING: Scammers, spammers, stalkers, phishers, privacy invaders, infectors, and others hide behind the Internet's anonymity to commit serious offenses. Learn from master hackers the best methods to track ID and communications origins. Topics include: Privacy, Why Some Can't be Traced, Anonymous Servers, Identity, Anonymity, Preventing Wrongdoing, How to Track and Trace, Firewalls, Web Searches, more! And how to protect yourself from being identified! words=17.3K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-49-5

INTERNET SECURITY: The absolute latest tricks and methods software pirates use on the Web. Topics include: Internet Security, How They Get Pirated Software, Password Defeats, Using IRC & FTP, Defeating Copy Protection, Using Newsgroups & Shell Accounts, How They Avoid Getting Caught, much more! Updated about every few months. Includes examples, countermeasures, and lots of tips! words=29.6K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-63-0

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The prices of all forms of energy are out of control and skyrocketing with no end in sight - frankly due to greed and conspiracy of energy barons and their political servants on a global basis! Unless they take action now, many will face serious financial hardship - even financial devastation - as the direct result.

STOPPING POWER METERS : Our all-time best seller - as demonstrated by on CBS "60 MINUTES"! Exciting 7th Edition completely rewritten! Jam-packed with vivid details on how ELECTRIC POWER METERS and ELECTRIC ENERGY METERS work, why they are usually in error, and their vulnerabilities. Energy and power meters are NOT scientific instruments, nor typically frequently calibrated, nor maintained, nor operated under rigidly controlled laboratory conditions, but are often in error that exceeds 10%. Maximum kilowatt-hour meter accuracy is specified by the IEC61036 Electrical Standard (under worse case conditions, cumulative permitted meter errors can be up to a calculated 8.5% due to nominal error + reactive load error + voltage variation error + frequency variation error + low-current error + self-heating error); in addition, temperature variations of up to 0.15%/ °K (or °C) are permitted (in an area that varies 50 °C from Summer to Winter this temperature variation in meter registration can be as high as 7.5% for a total maximum possible meter registration error of 16%, and on hot days, the insides of an outdoor meter can be far hotter than ambient temperature!). Apparently not even considered in the Standard are energy meter errors due to abnormal or even normal energy meter aging, mechanical shock and vibration (walls where meters are often mounted tend to act as sounding boards), nearby lightning strikes and other induced transients, power spikes and power surges, radiation exposure (e.g. Sun's radiation, ground radiation), and humidity (if meter is not 100% hermetically sealed).
           When your electric bill was $40/month, a $6.40/month error (if 16% meter error) may not have been much to you, but today, many people and businesses are paying $400+/month utility bills (and still climbing!) - in which case, such meter error amounts to a whopping $64+/month or $768+/year difference in what you should be paying if your meter was 100% accurate! Today, many cannot accept even a 5% error in their electric bills.
           "Stopping Power Meters" describes (with many schematics) ten inside load methods used to stop or slow down electric energy meters without modifying or bypassing the electric meter (that have been experimented with to demonstrate electric meter errors and vulnerabilities), and without using another power source or decreasing the load. Great for science projects and electrical engineering research, for gaining understanding on how electric meters work, and for how using more or less electric energy impacts meter accuracies! Also describes pole meters, meter creep, and overload droop. With circuit diagrams and other figures. Includes the infamous MAGNO-BRAKE TECHNIQUE. Much more info than any related manual. By the infamous inventor of the infamous Stopping Power Meters Educational Module (SPMEM).
Words=11.6K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-52-5

The SPM VIDEO: Available as a DVD+R disk or VHS tape. Now its easier to learn about KW-HR Power Meters than ever before! This legal educational video tutorial shows you how they work and their anatomy with simple, detailed instructions. Also, demonstrates actual Stopping Power Meters Educational Module (SPMEM) in action and external magnetic (IG MANUAL) methods used to slow and stop KW-HR meters! Hosted by a top expert in the field. From the novice to the pro, the best (and only video) source of info on these exciting devices! Great in combo with our other SPMEM related manuals! VHS or DVD+R Format, 20 Minutes. $29.

The IG MANUAL: Shocking electrical energy expose! Completely describes and illustrates simple but effective magnetic methods that energy thieves reportedly use to slow down - even stop - electric energy meters by a certain placement of a magnet on the outside of meter glass! Information found nowhere else! words=5.3K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-87-8

KW-HR METERS: How electric energy meters work; meter calibrations; many error modes; ANSI standards (C12), demand meters, pole meters, polyphase meters; meter creep; overload droop; results from our extensive and exhaustive meter research and testing; historical developments; experiments of others to slow down and stop meters. Describes why energy and power meters are in error often exceeds 10% (usually in utility's favor), and why the NBS considers them to be `junk ... not worth the effort to calibrate.' KHM is the singularly most detailed, comprehensive, frank and utility-unbiased source available on electric energy metering. Save energy costs! words=15.1K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-03-7

GAS & WATER SECURITY: Controversial expose describes and illustrates a simple method, using a common piece of household equipment, energy pirates use to reverse meter registrations on natural gas meters and water meters! Includes how gas and water meters work, how outlaws tamper with them, and how to effectively clean out impurities and unclog these systems. Easy to apply. words=6.9K. $19.

VORTEX GENERATOR: Cool or heat with a simple 3-port device. One port is used for input of air at ambient temperature. The 2nd port discharges air colder than -50 deg. F; the third discharges air hotter than +130 degrees F! No moving parts! No fossil fuels, electricity, liquids or fluorocarbons used! Incredible, fascinating, exciting and little-understood scientific principle completely described with labeled figures and photos. Practical and scientifically sound - written up in Popular Science Magazine! Great for school science projects, energy research. See VORTEX GENERATOR in OSH history section, under, " ENERGY," herein. words=3.6K. $19.

RIPPLED OFF: Line ripple and line transients waste energy dollars and cause computers, motors and other electronic and electrical equipment to deteriorate and fail. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) much increases repair and replacement costs, and even causes loss of life and property! Utilities are increasingly using line current ripple to arbitrarily and capriciously remotely control appliances, equipment and dreaded peak demand meters! Ripple and transients fully described, their adverse effects on YOUR life and property. How electric utilities use ripple to rip you off, and a simple and inexpensive ($20) way to forever eliminate it. Commercial units that copy our ideas cost $200 - $1200. No meter tampering required. words=5.5K. $9.

The HEAT X-CHANGER : Energy is very costly, and there are shortages. Plans for 3 heat exchangers (fits virtually every flue) to recover most of the costly wasted heat discharged by furnaces, stoves, ovens, hot water heaters, fireplaces, kilns, smelters, boilers, barbecues - recover heat from virtually any heating or cooking device that has an exhaust flue. Effective, simple, rugged, maintenance-free. words=5.1K. $19.

The LOADFINDER: Quick, simple, accurate, inexpensive, unique method to completely determine the inductive load, resistive load or inductive-resistive load between 0.1 and 100 amps, up to about 480 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 1 phase or 3 phases, of an electrical appliance or other electrical equipment, especially useful where the power factor is inductive reactive. Easy method to determine capacitor value to correct to unity power factor (Tron Box). Describes Real Power, Imaginary Power, Apparent Power - including each of their contributions to YOUR skyrocketing electricity bill! Requires only an accurate AC voltmeter, and the fully-described, simple and inexpensive circuit you build. Requires only 3 simple AC voltage magnitude measurements under normal operating conditions. No special setup is required - load does not have to be moved. Requires only high school level algebraic equations to accurately determine load R, L, PF, C, S, P, and Q values. While this method was originally developed to test single pieces of electrical equipment, it can also be used to test broader load systems, such as subsystems consisting of more than one load operating simultaneously from the same power line, and even to some entire homes and businesses. This may be a great help to you in controlling your huge and growing electrical costs. CAUTION: Be very careful in all cases so that access to the input of the AC power to the load is done carefully and safely; in some cases, you may require the services of a licensed electrician. words=2.7K. $19.

The MDVR METHOD: Plans for the effective and inexpensive MDVR method to legally save electrical energy (30% - 60%). Develops optimum efficiency, safety and versatility in your operation without significant loss of performance and service. Also reduces risks and seriousness of equipment-related accidents, increases versatility, and reduces wear and tear. Material costs for converting a 10 HP operation is about $100. No alternative energy supply required. words=16.5K. $15. ISBN: 0-934274-04-5

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NOTE: All legal-related manuals and statements are written by pro se (sui juris) litigant, John J. Williams, with 100s of hours of hands-on legal experience in the Federal District and Appeals Courts. Among his many pro se activities, Williams lectured on pro se law at the Libertarian Party Convention, Santa Fe, NM. As a lay pro se, Williams is not beholden to anyone, and thus is brutally frank and honest. Ideal for pro se litigants, attorneys, judges, paralegals, law clerks, attorney clients, and students of the law. No legal advice is intended or provided.

POLYGRAPH SECRETS!: How anyone can "tell the truth to a lie detector." In the last decade, over one million Polygraph tests were given in the U.S. Many jobs and some courts still accept polygraph test results as evidence or at least for persuasive value. PD describes in detail their uses, types of polygraph questions, polygraph test procedures and polygraph environments, "bogus pipeline", polygraph scoring methods, polygraph validity and polygraph reliability findings, polygraph machine design factors, and polygraph countermeasures. Additional info is provided on Voice Stress Analysis (Note: What has become popularly known as "Love Detector devices" function virtually identical to Voice Stress Analysis devices and Lie Detector machines, so this invaluable information also substantially applies to Love Detectors). Also a glossary and sample release form. Most impressive is our detailed sections on polygraph questions, polygraph procedures and effective polygraph defeats - usually far less covered in other similar books:

Plus: Modern non-polygraphic interrogation methods. Words=31.8K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-77-0

LEGAL CITATIONS TO PREVENT DISMISSALS: If you file a lawsuit, your #1 concern until trial will likely be preventing its loss from dismissal or summary judgment. If you allow it to be lost, you will lose your chances of being vindicated by the courts, probably be charged defendant's costs - perhaps even his fees - as well as yours. Your case won't even reach trial or settlement until it leaps over the dismissal and summary judgment barriers. You are in greatest danger of losing your lawsuit through dismissal or summary judgment, if: (1) You are pro se (sui juris), (2) You are suing the government or a gov. official, (3) You are suing a powerful corporation, celebrity, or friend of the judge, or (4) You are alleging Civil Rights violations, Human Rights violations or RICO. Your case can be dismissed - regardless of how egregious the injury to you - due to even a small infraction of a Rule - your merits may not even be considered. It could even be dismissed sua sponte - giving you no leave to amend, hearing, discovery, right to refile (i.e. dismissed "with prejudice"), and res judicata and collateral estoppel applied. This very informative manual describes applicable parts of about 140 precedent cases relating to protecting your right to survive dismissal and summary judgment. Citations of Authorities is broken down into General, Rule 12(B) and Rule 56 (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure), Pro Se (Sui Juris), Civil Rights / Human Rights, Conspiracy, Alternative Theories, Circumstantial Evidence, Disputed Facts and Contradictory Inferences, Equitable Relief, Immunity (Sovereign, Absolute and Qualified), "Conclusory Allegations," 28 U.S.C.A. §1915, and Long/Detailed Complaint Precedents. Also includes comprehensive discussions on Optimum Complaint Preparation, Judgment Analysis (including how judicial non-decisions are dealt with), Rule 8(a)(2) vs. Heightened Pleadings, Demurrer (some States) vs. Motion to Dismiss (Federal), Judicial Immunity, the Holodeck Court and how it is best overcome, Judicial Defamation of a Party (and applicable case precedents), Unpublished and Secret Law, the Corruption and Contamination of Case Law, Standing, and Rule 11(c) issues. While this manual is primarily geared to Federal Court plaintiffs, most states pattern their Rules and use the same case law as Federal Courts. If you are a defendant, you need to be able to anticipate and quickly reply to plaintiff's responses to your motions to dismiss and for summary judgment. Just like it is foolish to bring your car to a mechanic without understanding what is wrong with it, it is foolish to file your case pro se (sui juris) or bring it to an attorney without understanding the law and how it works. You are usually given only a few days to respond to a motion to dismiss or summary judgment, and legal research is complex, time-consuming and tedious - even if you have a law library nearby! You need to have the case law ammo right at your fingertips so you can immediately address the issues of the attack against you. Frank, concise and comprehensive. (No legal advice is intended or provided. No return or refund.) words=21.6K. $39.

JURY NULLIFICATION: IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!: Lay pro se scholar and lecturer, John Williams, has clearly outdone himself by boldly re-defining the major fundamental legal term, "Jury Nullification"! Some brief excerpts from the first edition's beginning (much more on our legal.htm webpage):

Most definitions I’ve read of “Jury Nullification” are narrow and incomplete because they only refer to criminal defendants. The correct definition of “Jury Nullification” is:

          JURY NULLIFICATION: "Jury Nullification is when a jury renders a verdict in favor or disfavor of one party over the other party - whether it be defendant, plaintiff or prosecutor - in a criminal or civil case - contrary to the law and the facts of the case that established guilt, innocence or level of liability, without regard to the judge’s instructions or to the juror’s oath to the contrary, and for whatever reason it wishes to that may be noble, ignoble, neutral or for no reason at all."

          Jury Nullification (JN) is not the same thing as Jury Review (JR). ...
          NOTE: JN neither nullifies a jury nor nullifies a law ... JN’s entire purpose is to nullify individual verdicts. ...

Words=22.6K. $39.

SECRETS OF FEDERAL CIVIL RICO: Written by pro se (sui juris) "RICO SUAVE" (John J. Williams). Federal Civil RICO (FCR) is one of the most complex areas of law (but most states pattern their RICO statutes after Federal RICO law), understood by few, apparently including some attorneys and judges at all levels. Yet, it is the most powerful weapon one can use against the ever-plentiful supply of corrupt corporations, financial institutions, politicians and bureaucrats. If you've got a good FCR case, and you win, you are entitled to treble damages plus your fees and costs. And if you become recognized as one of those rare Civil RICO Masters, likely the legal parasites and vultures that plague our society will think twice about trying to "legally" rip you off - they'll kiss a rattlesnake first! And if you've got justice due you, chances are the entity that owes you will pay up a lot faster and greater (and hope like hell they never hear from you again), rather than face your wrath in court. Describes the 9 major advantages of FCR over other types of lawsuits; how Rule 11(c) and 54(d) are avoided; insights into Predicate Acts, Pattern of Racketeering Activity, Relationship, Continuity, Enterprise, Person, Injury, Victim, and RICO Conspiracy (and how it differs from non-RICO conspiracy), and 14 other RICO-related topics; sections 1961, 1962, 1964, 1965 and 1967, and critical differences in 1962(a), (b) and (c); dozens of Supreme Court and Appellate RICO case law cites with annotations; "Common Sense" ideas; the Ultimate FCR Pleading Case Statement; and Civil Rico Pleading Common Mistakes that must be avoided (even one of which can be ruinous or fatal) - the ultimate in strategies and tactics for the RICO plaintiff and RICO defendant. Describes a loophole that may allow plaintiff to become a "prevailing party" as a powerful defense against Rule 11(c) and 54(d) - EVEN IF HIS CASE IS DISMISSED OR LOST IN SUMMARY JUDGMENT (RICO or non-RICO)!! Frank, concise and comprehensive. (No legal advice is intended or provided. No return or refund. RICO = Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations laws). words=15.8K. $39.

SUING US GOVERNMENT & OFFICIALS: Suing the United States Federal Government and Federal officials is a complex process, laden with many very costly and fatal traps and pitfalls awaiting unwary litigants - especially pro se (sui juris) litigants. But if you win and are deserving, you can win very, very big! To win, you MUST understand how to navigate this lawsuits maze step-by-step, else your case will almost surely be dismissed - possibly with sanctions against you. Many lawsuits against the government and Federal officials are dismissed because the litigant or his/her attorney failed to adequately understand how this complex process really works before filing their lawsuits ("ignorance of the law is no excuse").
        Consists of two pages: The first page is a flow chart and annotations - step-by-step through this complex FTCA administrative complaint, Bivens (i.e. Civil Rights), non-Bivens, and court litigation processes - showing where the legal traps, tricks and pitfalls lie. At a quick glance, you know where you are and what to expect next. The second page includes a list of dozens of common law torts that the Government has waived its sovereign immunity (i.e. list of causes of action the Government can be sued for), and how Civil RICO fits in.
        Do you know how qualified, absolute and sovereign immunity, and "scope of authority," "discretion," "due care," the FTCA, Civil Rights, non-Civil Rights, negligence, intentional torts, etc all fit in? And what the defenses are - especially immunities - and how they are overcome? Where "official capacity" and "individual capacity" apply? When a "heightened pleading" is required? Do you know when you are entitled to a jury, or to punitive damages and when not? Do you know what major set of Federal officials lack the sovereign immunity that protects most other Federal officials? Revealed in this eye-popping publication!
        Ideal for pro se (sui juris) litigants, attorneys, attorney clients, and all others interested in the law (No legal advice is intended or provided. No return or refund.) $29.

UNPUBLISHED AND SECRET LAW, AND CONTAMINATION OF THE CASE LAW: Shocking expose' of how our judicial system really works! Exposed are the cavernous depths of the confusion and dysfunction of our judicial system, secret law, sealed law, and the contamination and distortion of the case law. Learn how few and diminishing our freedoms now are. Did you know: (1) Judges with jurisdiction can't be sued even when they are clearly corrupt, malicious and/or incompetent; (2) Some judges tailor-make non-precedential decisions based on who the litigants are while ignoring and/or contradicting the Constitution, statutes, and their own binding precedents; (3) In some Federal Courts, if you file a human rights complaint against the Government, the Court will civilly "convict" you of being a violent criminal, although you have no criminal or violent history, AND then totally ignore your human rights causes of action - just like in the former Soviet Union; (4) Federal Courts have now placed Veterans under the Feres Doctrine (horrendous injustice to Veterans!). Today, the Judiciary is by far the most powerful branch of Government. It now essentially picks our President, and both favors and punishes officials at all levels of Government - mostly based on its own self-serving agenda of tyranny. Most Americans who are still skating on the thinning layer of ice of our superficial freedoms don’t realize just how close we now are to chaos and dictatorship. How secret law and agendas now govern us all. Some now say our only hope is jury nullification. How the case law is now so contaminated and distorted that it is beyond recovery, especially in the Rights area, and on verge of disintegration. Manual details: Unpublished / Non-Precedential Case Law, Secret and Sealed Law, How Publishing Affects Precedential Value and Rights, How Unpublishing Violates The Constitution, Law and Rights (Article III, Free Speech, Right to Petition, Due Process, Equal Protection, Rule of Law, Stare Decisis), Contamination and Distortion of the Case Law, Relevant Judicial Statistics, and How our Judicial System Really Works (How Fairly or Unfairly Will You Be Treated, Absolute Judicial Immunity, and The Holodeck Court and Litigation Vortex). Where to find unpublished case law. How to shrewdly maneuver through such an arbitrary, capricious and dysfunctional system to best obtain justice. (No legal advice is intended or provided. No return or refund.) words=18.1K. $19.

LEGAL FILING SYSTEM AND THE INITIAL STEPS: The Achilles heel of most lawsuits in the record keeping system. If you are involved in a lawsuit either as a plaintiff or defendant, it is absolutely essential that you create a filing system - preferably from the get-go - that will allow you to quickly and efficiently both store and retrieve the relevant records of your case. Even the loss or mislaying of one important record can wreck an otherwise near perfect and deserving case. This manual comprehensively and thoroughly describes how to build and maintain your legal filing system from the Pre-Complaint Stage to After It Is All Over, with the Complaint & Initial Exchanges, PreTrial & Discovery, Trial & Settlement, and Court of Appeals Stages in between. In addition, it comprehensively describes The Document Retention and Destruction Policy, the Computerized Part of Your Legal Filing System, The Initial Case Steps, Legal-Related Websites (some 100 URLs). Legal mistakes can be extremely costly in YOUR money and YOUR time. Whether you go pro se (sui juris) or hire an attorney, the court holds YOU responsible for YOUR CASE. Frank, concise and comprehensive. (No legal advice is intended or provided. No return or refund.) words=11.7K. $15.

MODERN INCORPORATION: Incorporating is definitely the way to go! Incorporating absolutely minimizes your personal risks to liabilities, and provides you a more dignified, respectful and professional appearance to your business. While many attorneys specialize in incorporations (usually at fat fees), incorporating is not rocket science and many people incorporate totally or mostly on their own on a shoestring. Described in detail are the many helpful learning experiences one family went through to incorporate their business. Included is a disk containing: (1) The dozens of forms they used, (2) A copy of Articles of Incorporation similar to theirs, (3) A copy of Bylaws similar to theirs, and (4) Copies of blank certificate forms. All text files are provided as ASCII text files so that you can easily access them using most wordprocessors set for "text." All graphics files are in the common .jpg format, and if you have access to a good image-handling program (not included) you are familiar with, like Paint Shop Pro, CorelDraw or PhotoShop, you should be able to make them into nice-looking examples of acceptable corporate-type stock and other certificates. Also described in detail how they picked their state, who they contacted in government, what they asked for, the dozens of file folders they created at the start to address virtually every aspect of their corporation and business in general, a checklist of what they did and in what order they did it in, and numerous tips and recommendations. Also note that for privacy purposes, some statements on the forms, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were changed to more generalized forms (e.g. the name of their corporation was changed to "(Corporation Name)"). IN PROGRESS. (No legal advice is intended or provided) approx. words=25K + Disk. $39. ISBN: 0-934274-95-9

GOVERNMENT LAND GRAB!: Did you know that YOU can force the Government to sell you prime land at ridiculously low prices with no competing bids allowed - because of a little-known 120+ year old Federal Law? Find out how one man legally forced the Government to sell him 160 acres of one of prime land at the foot of the famous North Peak Run for $400 - land appraised at $1.6 Million! Includes Government forms. Grab the American Dream! words=3.5K. $19.

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(NOTE: For all offers about credit card, ATM or check security, extra payment clearance period may apply, and no refund or return is allowed)

The IDENTITY THEFT MANUAL: Identity theft or ID theft is now one of the fastest growing serious crimes! Over 1,000+ per day become new victims, and the crime is costing $ Billions per year. Yet, in many jurisdictions, identity theft per se is not a crime, and nationally there are few prosecutions. The result is 1,000s of criminals are ripping-off the identities of others with impunity, and getting rich and committing crimes in the process! Details on how ID theft occurs, the myriad of ways that ID thieves benefit from their crimes ranging from maxing out credit cards, taking out free loans and life insurance policies on their victims (so they can murder someone in the victim's name?) to hiding from crimes and acts of terrorism. Includes "agent doubles." Plus countermeasures. ID theft has many more facets to it than the few snippets you see in the news. words=15.6K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-82-7

ATM SECURITY: ATM crimes, ATM security, ATM vulnerabilities exposed - protect yourself! 100+ methods described (actual cases) - ranging from physically yanking the ATM out to spoofing it through its phone lines. Includes case histories, law, countermeasures. Many ATM fraud cases are dismissed outright. We tell why. Topics include: How ATM's Work, How ATMs are Regularly Beaten, Debit & Credit Transactions, ATM Encryption, ATM Con Jobs, ATM Fraud by Legit Customers, Counterfeiting Cards, Obtaining PINs, Employee-Type Frauds, Physical Methods, ATM Sabotage, ATM Wiretaps, Tempest, Electronic & Software Frauds, Actual ATM Cases and Other ATM News, How ATM Customers are Robbed, Magnetic Stripes, Legalities, Personal Protection, much, much more!

Includes INTERNAL PHOTOS of ATMs - with close-up of the door-locking mechanism, circuit cards, cash boxes, etc.! And a Detailed Security Checklist for ATMs. Comprehensive and Invaluable! words=41.4K. $34. ISBN: 0-934274-65-7. Add Only $19 for "The PLACAK REPORT ."

The PLACAK REPORT: As described in our infamous ATM manual, this eye-popping report details the reading (using a very simple method) and decryption of the magnetic flux-reversals of the magnetic stripes on popular credit cards, debit cards, security cards and other cards. How you can easily determine the decrypted PIN, PAN, bank number, routing codes, dates, number of daily uses and uses remaining (great for cards that are decremented after each use!). words=7.1K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-78-9

CHECK & M.O. SECURITY: Detailed and comprehensive description of check forgery and check counterfeiting, types of checks, check characteristics, banks vs check cashing services vs stores, counterfeiting IDs, things that snag check crooks, how professional check crooks plan and run their operations, how check data is obtained, check paper stock, resources available to the pros, how merchants screen checks, dozens of ways to quickly detect bad checks, effective check scams and forged checks and counterfeit checks countermeasures, and all known check codes explained. Manual. words=22.8K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-66-5

CONS & SCAMS DATABOOK: Cons, scams and swindles fleece victims of at least $220 Billion per year! C&SD is the most comprehensive manual published these crimes, from the classic to techno-scams so popular today. Topics include: How Swindlers Pick Targets, Advantages Of Swindles, Chameleons, Legal Swindles, Approaches, much more! Detailed encyclopedic-type descriptions of 100s of cons, scams, frauds and rip-offs, and their many popular variations. Protect yourself - learn to recognize the clever techniques and strategies used by swindlers! words=53.6K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-68-1

CREDIT CARD SECURITY: Now includes how identity theft is committed and how to avoid it! CCS completely details credit card frauds and scams that merchants cannot prevent! Annual credit card losses are over $3 Billion - yet few are caught or convicted. Learn the loopholes in the Authorization # and Credit Card Warning Bulletin - How the same cards are repeatedly used to commit $ Thousands in certain kinds of frauds with little risk! Other topics include: Who to Blame, Phone Card Fraud, Mail Order Fraud, Tips for Protecting your Plastic, Counterfeiting Credit Cards, Passing Bogus Cards, CODE-10, more! Describes why credit card companies refuse to eliminate vulnerabilities, and your rights when victimized. Includes many methods crooks use to obtain credit card numbers. Detailed and brutally frank. words=12.8K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-67-3

CASINO SECRETS: Casino gambling secrets / gambling strategies / gambling tactics / gambling tips / gambling tricks from a professional you won't find anywhere else! A no-holds-barred expose on how some casino cheaters win big. Topics include: The "Rules" that Cheaters Use, Blackjack Cheats, Cheating Slot Machine, Card Tricks, Video Poker, Inside Jobs, Indian Gaming, Surveillance, Using Special Devices, and much more! Learn how to spot opportunities to legally "cheat" and how to take advantage of them! And by understanding the way that casinos operate in general and their gambling setups specifically, and how others take advantage, you should be able to substantially increase your winnings LEGALLY. Shrewd people realize that whenever you deal with any large organization, opportunities are usually much larger and numerous than with small organizations - you just have to know what they are ("Casino Secrets" is an expose no way intended for anyone to break the law). Words=13.9K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-69-X.

CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES: Giant "Information" brokers - Experian (formerly TRW), EquiFax, Trans Union, credit bureaus and the government agencies they service hold hundreds of millions of files on virtually every American! These files detail your financial, medical, family, employment, criminal, and political history. CRE describes:

Also consider:

Unbelievable and shocking! Comprehensive. words=16.0K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-29-0

CREDIT CARD EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROCEDURES: Credit card theft and rip-offs are more popular than ever! Credit card companies refuse to insist upon proper authentication procedures, instead intimidating credit card fraud victims to drop their disputed charges, often by threatening to prosecute. This manual gives you a set of step-by-step procedures that will not only minimize your losses, but greatly help catch the crooks, and get the credit card company off your back. And why credit card insurance is a scam. words=6.6K. $12.

CREDIT CARD ANALYSIS: We used our powerful, " Cryptanalysis Techniques" (see Catalog ) method to analyze credit card numbers for 1-gram, 2-gram and 4-gram numerical combination patterns. NOTE: CCA does NOT contain any actual credit card numbers - only the critical statistical results derived from in-depth n-gram analyses of card numbers. words=8.6K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-30-4

HOW TO START YOUR OWN RELIGION & RUN IT: Today in the United States there are about 35,000 Christian and Jewish religious denominations and sects. Many savvy people have come to realize that of all of the organizational models, including sole proprietorship, partnership, business venture, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, trust, and even foundation, forming your own religion is by far the best way to go, especially should you have a strong or unique self-help-, charitable fundraising-, spiritual- and/or religious-based concept.

THE GREAT ADVANTAGES TO BEING A RELIGION: Religions enjoy these great advantages: THE GREAT BENEFITS OF BECOMING A DEACON/ELDER OR ABOVE MEMBER OF A RELIGION: With your own religion, you of course set the standards as to what the various positions and ranks of your members will be. Traditionally, church officials, and often their relatives and friends, enjoy in their communities numerous benefits that ordinary people never get to enjoy:

This great manual details how to start your own religion, the usually required but often overlooked critical elements before your organization will be considered a religion, information on applying for tax exemption, and many suggestions and tips on how to start and how to run your own religion or church. After much thought, research and prayer, I started my own religion, THE CHURCH OF BIBLE PROPHECY, when I could not find any existing religion which effectively, systematically or boldly researched Biblical End Time prophecies, helped their members survive and prosper during The End Times and boldly ferreted out and exposed modern good and evil people.

In addition, this manual describes in detail how THE CHURCH OF BIBLE PROPHECY ("The Church"; Albuquerque, NM) was recently created from scratch by one individual, and includes detailed sections on:

NOTE-1: These proprietary details on The Church are not being provided for anyone to copy this religion, but only to provide you insights as to what is required to start and operate your own church or religion. Your church's or religion's own beliefs, doctrines, goals, objectives, terminology, organization, policies, rules, regulations, scriptural foundations, specific provisions of the membership application, membership oath, and prayer will of course be unique to YOUR own religion. Furthermore, while this manual does contain The Church's actual Membership Application Form and Oath as insights as to how they are done, purchase of this manual does not include or guarantee membership into The Church, or any offer of employment, or any offer to set up a branch or affiliate of The Church, or in any way transfers or conveys any Church proprietary right to the buyer of this manual. This sale is limited to a copy of the manual.

NOTE-2: This manual is not being sold by The Church or by the author in his Church capacity as The Revelator of The Church, but by the author in his private, non-Church capacity. Neither The Church nor the Revelator assumes any responsibility for the content of this book or its advertisements.

NOTE-3: The author is not an attorney, accountant, professional financial advisor or tax expert, therefore, he provides no advice or opinion which would require a licensed attorney, accountant, financial advisor, tax advisor or anything else requiring a license. All statements found in this ad or manual are the personal lay opinions of the author. As with everything the author writes and publishes, including this ad and manual, they are provided for legal educational and/or entertainment purposes only, and he takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for their content.

Words=27.4K. $49.

REMOTE OFFICE TACTICS & STRATEGIES: Great for operating a home away from home! How would you like to start and operate YOUR own business anywhere at any time with little more than a cellphone and laptop/notebook computer, Palm Pilot or other similar device! Gone are the days that the dynamic business person, professional and entrepreneur wants to or even can afford to hang around his physical office at any time unless he absolutely has to. And with today's technology, it's no longer uncommon for people to routinely and regularly do business from other states and even countries, do their businesses well, serve their clients and customers well, and keep good track of their money, employees, contractors, sales personnel, and data. Today's savvy business executive lives and travels where he/she wants to live and travel - regardless of where the business is actually located. In fact, some are so successful at doing this that they are on a perpetual vacation while at the same time keeping in close touch with even the daily operations of their several businesses and other interests at once, some of which are physically spread over various states and even countries, and at low costs and with minimal complexities and equipment. And some business people today don't even have or use a physical office - physical offices are now becoming as obsolete as the desk phone. Other than the numerous people who conduct their businesses from the their homes or employers' offices, it's not uncommon now for people to run full-fledge business operations from their motel/hotel rooms, vehicles, RVs, boats, commercial storage spaces, city parks, restaurants, country clubs, bars, casinos, race tracks, golf courses, tennis courts - you name it! And having a remote office has another big advantage: It protects you from people wanting to harm or injure you in some way. Just think where YOU could be RIGHT NOW and what YOU could be doing if only you weren't stuck in your stuffy old office slavishly chained to an idiotic landline phone and desktop computer - spending countless high-stress hours driving to and from work during rush hours, and countless time and money just maintaining your professional get-up, your car fueled up, and keeping rigid hours! There is simply no reason any longer to stop YOU from starting and running a successful and highly profitable business with absolutely minimal equipment, advertising and other overhead costs. And there is every reason to avoid the risks of personally dealing with customers, clients, employees, solicitors, bill collectors and others.
       ROT&A addresses in detail - with lots of information, tips and insights - the following areas: (1) How to Pick a Cellphone & Cellphone Service. (2) How to Hook Up Your Cellphone With Your Computer. (3) Voice Mail & Other Basic Cellphone Tips. (4) How to Most Effectively Use Your Email Capabilities. (5) How to Do E-Business. (6) How to Choose a Laptop or Notebook Computer & Some Programs You Might Need (software not included). (7) How to Use Your Laptop to Fax. (8) Transferring Funds In & Out of Business Accounts On The Fly. (9) How to Keep Your ID & Location Secret From Criminals. (10) Miscellaneous Tips & Advice.
words=20.0K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-94-0

HOW TO DO SECURE EBOOKS: There are many ebook compilers now available, and it is hard to find objective and meaningful reviews of them (we don't sell ebook software). And once you find the best ebook software for your needs, it requires much experimentation to find just the right combo of settings to produce the best quality, yet fully-secure ebooks. We know, because we have waded through this tedious and laborious process of finding and fine-tuning the right ebook programs over weeks. Sometimes you may not want to secure your ebook from copying because you may use it to obtain widespread recognition in your field or for your company, advertise your other offers, etc (e.g. your ebook catalog). However, usually you need to protect your hard-earned book from being easily copied because future sales, secrecy, high-paying clients, etc are critical. No ebook security system is absolute - if your ebook can be read, a crook can sit in front of a computer/typewriter and manually type it in. Fortunately, copyright infringers - book crooks - are mostly so lazy and dimwitted that very few will manually copy books - especially if they can't derive high quality copies of the images and tables from the books. If they can't just photocopy good copies or burn password-free CD copies, they then try to scan or capture the book pages to convert into image files, and then use an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program to convert the images back into original text and graphics. However, by using our techniques, you can prevent the OCR attack, and the ebook compiler we prefer will produce password- , registration code-, and/or time-limited-protected copies that make it difficult and risky for book crooks to make and distribute copies. When you need a secure ebook, you cannot afford to release even one poorly-protected copy. Manual comprehensively describes the ebook programs we selected, reasons why, the settings we found for optimum image quality and security, and many both software and non-software techniques and tips on how to do and secure your ebooks. Also includes a comprehensive section on how to professionally label your CDs and DVDs - some standard printers can be easily converted to print directly onto CDs/DVDs. Note: No software or device is included. words=11.6K. $29.

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HARD DRIVE MANUAL: Invaluable advice and tips on how to best select, interface, initialize, set up, and use hard drives and controller cards. Although emphasis is on PC-compatible systems, HDM is filled with information relating to many hard drive implementations:
      (1) How to prevent hard drive failures.
      (2) How to maintain, troubleshoot and repair hard drives and controllers.
      (3) How to protect hard drives from mistakes, sabotage, prying eyes, and sticky fingers.
      (4) How to recover damaged and lost files.
      (5) Plans for a clean chamber, UPS system, transient suppressors, etc.
      (6) Review of drive formatting, diagnostic, defragmentation, etc software.
A must have for anyone needing to better understand hard drives, and all doing hard drive data rescues and repairs.
words=47.0K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-27-4

DISK SERVICE MANUAL: One of our all-time hottest-selling manuals. Older floppy disk drives contain much technology adaptable to many other electronic and computer-controlled uses ranging from precise positioning processes to robotics. These older floppies are available for practically a song these days, and can be easily harvested of their precision controllers, motors, heads, worm gears, etc, especially useful for remote control and precision positioning applications - you profit from understanding floppy drive technology. And you can analyze, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, adjust, align floppy drives without special equipment or software - 3.5" drives and obsolete 5.25" drives and 8" drives on PCs, MACs and many older drives. While drives are more reliable today, they still should be occasionally cleaned and lubricated. And some breakdowns can be easily remedied. Many fully labeled photos and figures. While the drives shown are older and mostly outdated, most modern floppies are very similar. words=61.0K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-17-7

CRYPTANALYSIS TECHNIQUES: Five menu-driven DOS crypto programs (in .BAS, .COM, source code on Disk) to analyze, decrypt "secure" ciphertexts. Powerful tools, yet fun and fascinating. Recommended by the very prestigious and internationally-published "COMPUTERS & SECURITY", which states, "...we recommend a special disk and booklet, "CRYPTANALYSIS TECHNIQUES" (Consumertronics)." Clearly, our computer security manuals and software are among the few recognized worldwide by computer security professionals! Each program is completely described with sample results and attack methods. A detailed, completely worked out example is given. Completely labeled printed results. Not only powerful tools to decrypt the ciphers of others, they can also test the strength of YOUR CIPHERS and be used to develop data compression methods. Tables include detailed 1-, 2- and 3-gram statistics of typical text. Most pre-XP PC computers can still be run in DOS mode, and DOS programs are usually tiny and much faster than Windows programs for the same functions. Manual + Disk. words=8.7K + disk text. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-11-8

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HIGH VOLTAGE DEVICES: High Voltage Device plans for: Stun Guns, Tasers, Prods, Canes, Umbrellas and Palm Zappers; RF/Radar/Audio Jammers; Flashers, Blasters and Strobes; Jacob's Ladder, Plasma and Van de Graaff Generators; Fence Chargers; Geiger Counters; Ozone Purifiers; Fish Stunners; Worm Flushers; Bug, Pest and Small Game Zappers; Plant Stimulators; Kirlians; Phone Bug Zappers; Magnetizers; etc. Great for weapons, electronic harassment devices, mind control devices, and science projects! Dozens of schematics, illustrations and tables. Has many money and timesaving tips, and lists parts suppliers. Our plans show powerful innovations found nowhere else! For example, our TIGER PAWS stun gun has 10 times the stopping power of legally sold stun guns! The ultimate set of plans on HV devices. Comprehensive. Shocking! words=19.4K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-13-4

SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE FREQUENCIES: Are you being bugged, tapped, or monitored? S+S freqs vary from DC to X-ray. However, because of the cost and availabilities of equipment, the laws of physics, and factors relating to certain specific applications, freqs and bands are commonly used while others are used only rarely. Arm yourself with the knowledge of where these freqs and bands are located and techniques used to detect them. words=2.7K. $15. ISBN: 0-934274-70-3

THE WIRELESS EXPERIMENTERS MANUAL: By Elmer E. Bucher. Published by Wireless Press Inc., New York, 1920. This incredible hard cover radio design book is 340 pages (plus Appendix, a table and old ads in the back), with about 300 eye-popping circuit diagrams and photos. I find no markings on it or missing pages.

This rare radio engineering book is filled with mostly Marconi Co. radio, antenna and radio station designs, and goes into great detail not only about radio theory but practical radio design applications. This nearly antique book is a great source for tons of info on how to design and make working radio transmitters and radio receivers using simple materials - ideal for survival and improvised radio enthusiasts. Includes the construction of various antennas (aerials and masts), tuners, radio coils, transformers, condensers (capacitors), spark gaps, and RF meters. And it has very nice treatments on the design of direction finding antenna systems, and also static eliminators. And it includes tables. This radio book is also ideal for those who tinker with, repair or restore vintage radios, antique radios, other vintage electronics and antique electronics. The figures are absolutely eye-popping!

This sale is for a copy of the original book (NOTE: We will also sell copies its chapters: $9 ea. Chaps. I, II, V, X, XIII, XIV, Index, Appendix, Ads; $19 ea. Chaps. VIII, IX, XI; $29 ea. Chaps. III, IV, VI, VII, XII).

Chapter titles:
       CHAPTER III: ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES OF THE RADIO TRANSMITTER - Elementary Theory of Design - Inductance Computations - Transformer Design - The Theory of Spark Dischargers, p. 19-89
       CHAPTER IV: CONSTRUCTIONAL DETAILS OF AMATEUR WIRELESS TRANSMITTERS - Panel and Isolated Types - Buzzer Transmitters, p. 90-151
       CHAPTER VI: RECEIVING TUNERS AND OSCILLATION DETECTORS - General Theory of Operation - Preferred Circuits - General Details of Construction, p. 160-202
       CHAPTER VII: THE VACUUM TUBE DETECTOR AND AMPLIFIER - Circuits for Detection of Damped and Undamped Waves - Characteristics of the Marconi V.T. Detector - Preferred Circuits for the Marconi Valve, p. 203-241
       CHAPTER VIII: UNDAMPED WAVE RECEIVERS - Autodyne and Heterodyne Circuits - Preferred Circuits - Rotary Condenser, p. 242-261
       CHAPTER IX: UNDAMPED WAVE TRANSMITTERS - Wireless Telephone Transmitters - Modulation Circuits - Combined Damped and Undamped Wave Bulb Sets, p. 262-280
       CHAPTER XI: DESIGN OF WAVEMETERS - Tuning the Amateur's Transmitter - Measurements of Inductance - Measurement of Capacitance and High Frequency Resistance - General Radio Measurements, p. 289-310
       CHAPTER XII: CLOSED COIL AERIALS - Directive Transmitters and Receivers - Construction of a Direction Finder, p. 311-326
       CHAPTER XIII: WEAGANT STATIC ELIMINATOR - Underground Aerials, p. 327-334
       CHAPTER XIV: LONG DISTANCE RELAYS BY RADIO - Wave Length of High Power Stations - General Information Regarding Installation, p. 335-337
       Index, p. 338-340
       Appendix, Table, p. 341-350
       Old Radio Print Ads, last 6 pages

To minimize handling of this rare RF book, I will not search through it for particular info. No returns or refunds.
340 page, $79.

SECRET & SURVIVAL RADIO: SSR is a comprehensive manual on little known and secret frequencies; hidden, scrambled and encrypted RF commo plans and methods; and optimum RF freqs, modes and circuits for survival and security. Includes bugs, taps, small mikes, transmitters and receivers; ultrasonic, fiber-optic and infrared commo; and optimizing antennas for many RF uses. 70+ circuits. words=25.3K. $24. ISBN: 0-934274-23-1

SIMPLE, CHEAP SECURITY ELECTRONICS: How Motion-Activated Flood Lamps (MAFLs) work and can be modified for many other uses. Details dozens of ways to use common $10-$20, generally ultrasonic, MAFLs to improve your safety and security. Includes circuits for adding alarms, indoor uses, and how to use them to control heaters, fans, appliances, and other electronics. And how to use them with other common, cheap electronic security devices. words=7.2K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-71-1

SECRETS OF SOLDERLESS BREADBOARDS: Solderless breadboards suffer from much prejudice from designers who don't know how to use them properly or optimally, and especially from those who have a financial stake in the huge PC Board industry and large circuit manufacturers (and their lackeys, such as the New Mexico AG who claims to prosecute people for selling SB circuits - 100+ highly toxic waste dumps in northern New Mexico alone!) who can afford elaborate operations and don't want competition from small-quantity and custom circuit providers. Not just for experimental breadboardings, SBs are also great for final-design temporary and permanent circuits of virtually all types up to about 50 MHz and 10 amps, for example, its popular uses in robotics and school science projects. In fact, JameCo Electronics sells a SB rated at 100 MHz. Save your health and the environment! SBs don't require toxic chemicals to process the boards that expose people and animals to poisons and permanently damage the environment to process as do PC Boards (according to the EPA). And with SBs, you do a minimum amount of soldering thus exposing yourself and others to far less solder fumes and deposits than PC boards. Comprehensive and detailed manual. Numerous tips. words=28.0K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-72-X

The "GOLDFINGER": Circuit diagrams for a metal detector that detects Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper and Aluminum objects and minerals - rejects ferromagnetic objects. The Goldfinger is designed to highly discriminate between non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals. It uses only two ICs. All parts cost about $50. Detection in soil is possible to greater than about one foot. Fascinating principles, design. Includes much more info on freqs, search coil technology and other metal detector types. words=8.1K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-88-6

COMPREHENSIVE CONNECTOR PIN-OUTS: Connectivity is critical for most electronics! We have the information on 100s of connector pin-outs relating to both newer type equipment and obsolete equipment. Describe to us the name of your connector of interest and its use and/or its physical description, or mail, fax or email us an image attachment of the connector and what it is connected to (.jpg or .gif file only - NOT as a .doc file). Once your payment clears, I will then email you the pin-out and other available descriptive data of the connector, its wiring and its uses.

$19 for one connector pin-out data, $14 for each additional connector pin-out data ordered and paid for at the same time. 100% refundable if we cannot locate the connector's pin-out at the minimum, else non-refundable. Note that while to the best of our knowledge all of the connector information we have is 100% correct, we assume no liability for any errors or omissions. Email all questions - please do not call. We will not check our connector database until after payment clears.

The POOR MAN'S SUPER LASER: Ruby rod laser plans. Used in intrusion systems, weapons targeting, precise optical alignments, distance and dimensions finding, seismography, signaling and commo, strobes, holography, science projects, police laser radar (Lidar), reproducing old, damaged and broken recordings, etc. Exciting and illuminating! words=3.0K. $12.

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MITIGATING IED DEATHS & DESTRUCTION - Our Government Never Listens to Great Ideas!: I am an engineer (M.S.E.E.) with a great invention idea on how to mitigate the deaths and destructions caused by IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). I am a Disabled Veteran (Vietnam Era). On Sept. 23, 2006, we lost a beloved nephew in Iraq due to an IED (Sgt. Velton Locklear III) - a talented athlete and musician. Thousands of our warriors have been killed because of IEDs and 10,000s seriously injured, and more get killed or wounded from IEDs almost every day. Since then, I have been in search of invention ideas to minimize the losses of life, injuries and destroyed equipment caused by IEDs.

The trend towards Government solutions to any problem consists of huge, expensive, complex and inefficient implementations which usually work poorly. Just as we should have learned in Vietnam when we discovered that the M16 was clearly no match for the much simpler and sturdier AK47 assault rifle, that usually simpler, cheaper and more practical solutions work much better. Logic also states that if something can be defeated, if you make it bigger and heavier, it too can be defeated. However, huge, costly and complex implementations make powerful Government contractors even richer, so that is how technologies are chosen. And by implementing defective ideas, Government contractors guarantee future work and profits in their proposals for modifications to correct flaws. This same self-serving merry-go-round has existed for decades.

When it comes to defending against IEDs, the trend has been towards thicker and heavier steel plating and V-shaped vehicle hulls - all of which are counterproductive and defeatable. My invention idea should be much more effective in mitigating explosions than heavy steel plating. And heavy steel plating leads to sluggishness, lack of control, bogging down, and poor mileage. My invention idea is not limited to the bottoms of vehicles, but is applicable to all vehicle sides, and to bunkers, and possibly even to bomb-resistant clothing. And my invention idea is not restricted to IEDs, but can also provide protection against many other types of explosive devices, such as RPGs (Rocket-Propelled Grenades) - another big threat. And my invention idea is much cheaper and simpler to implement than thicker armor plates, and can retrofit vehicles in the field.

There is much Washington lip service dedicated to IED defenses. However, when it comes to actually making serious efforts to try to find real solutions, there is no one in sight. Like Don Quixote tilting at windmills and Diogenes's search for the honest man, I have not been able to find a single technically qualified, trustworthy and authoritative person in Government to divulge my invention idea to who is willing to acknowledge receipt of my idea and spend at least an hour or so to seriously evaluate it, and inform me of his/her/their evaluation results. I have not asked the Government for any money - only for full credit and public recognition for my idea should they test it or use it. I have emailed President Obama, Senator Jeff Bingaman and Rep. Martin Heinrich to no avail. I have emailed a dozen Veterans organizations, with only a half-hearted response from one. I have emailed The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Dr. Jonathan Woodson, M.D. (Pentagon, Room 3E1070, Washington, D.C. 20301-1200) - no response.

I have been told that: 'The Department of Defense often puts out RFPs (Requests for Proposals) to meet certain needs, but that to try to get someone from DoD to actually review or evaluate an "invention idea," or concept, but not an actual working invention itself, is problematical, and will likely not garner serious consideration even if presented to the "right" person.' The problem with the apparent requirement of presenting working models first is that only people and businesses with the wherewithal to design, develop and test IED defense technology can be taken seriously, limits new ideas only to the large corporate contractors currently already being heavily rewarded for their costly, complex, impractical and ineffective ideas. Fact is, technology feasibility can be determined without working models.

Based on my experiences, if you just simply mail a great invention idea to someone in Government you believe should be qualified and in a position of responsibility to properly evaluate your idea, your idea will either be ignored or ripped-off. It is just not me - there are many technical people in America who have great ideas to improve our Country in so many ways but no one in official Government positions to listen to them and fairly and seriously evaluate their ideas while protecting their intellectual rights. What a huge waste of our resources! The biggest thing that our Government can do to both solve serious problems and promote new businesses and technologies is to establish an office where great ideas can be presented, acknowledged, evaluated, protected and rewarded. However, since this would mean more competition for powerful corporate giants, it will never happen.

It is clear that our Government won't give us the time of day on my invention idea to mitigate deaths and destruction caused by IEDs unless we design, build and test IED countermeasures devices ourselves and then provide it with working models. Therefore, if we are able to do so, we will design, build and test my IED defense invention idea ourselves!

"MITIGATING IED DEATHS & DESTRUCTION - Our Government Never Listens to Great Ideas!" is a short publication - mostly what I have stated herein. It does not detail my invention idea nor does it provide designs or plans for it. Hopefully, we will make enough sales of our booklet to at least afford to get started on my IED defense device ourselves. We currently have small shops and laboratories outfitted for electronic design and fabrication, but not suitable for a big mechanical project like this. If after several months we have not raised enough money to have a reasonable chance of completing our anti-IED project, we will simply donate the balance to charity and/or church.

I am not a Johnny-come-lately who just suddenly came up with one great idea. Consider:
          (1) In 2000, I discovered how The Great Pyramid of Egypt was built (Khufu's Pyramid (Egyptian name), Cheops's Pyramid (Greek name)). The mystery of how Khufu's Pyramid was built was referred to as the "Riddle of the Ages" - stumping some of the greatest minds of mankind for many centuries. Until my theory of a near-centrally located hydraulic elevator, the most accepted theory among Archaeologists is The Ramp Theory. But to build a 481-foot tall, 10-degree or less ramp requires about 7 times more material than what went into the Pyramid itself, would probably wash out from the first storm, is impractical for hauling heavy loads on log rollers, and would have had to be totally removed after the Pyramid was built (while there is evidence of a ramp, it extended only about 40 feet high to the Queen's Chamber). The Ancient Egyptians were brilliant people - no way would they have built anything that big and complex using brute-force methods. Ancient Egypt was known as, “The Great Hydraulic Civilization.” My hydraulic elevator theory explains every major mysterious and inexplicable feature of Khufu's Pyramid (concavity of the pyramid sides, the Grand Gallery, entrance to the King's Chamber, the Subterranean Chamber, etc.) - some of which were mysteries up to that point. I copyrighted my book on it in early 2001. Not a single Archaeologist or Egyptologist has stated that my discovery is wrong - including world-renowned Dr. Zahi Hawass (former head of Egyptian Antiquities), who I submitted my book to, and who has intensely criticized many other people's ideas about the Great Pyramid over the decades.
          (2) After the huge tsunami of Dec. 2004 which killed 300,000+ people, in early 2005, I drew up plans to put in coastal underwater structures that would not only cause tsunami waves to crash offshore, thereby saving many lives, but also generate electricity to impoverished areas of our Planet during normal seas and provide sea life habitat and coastal defenses. As well as plans for simple, inexpensive electronic devices which any ship can carry to detect tsunamis in open ocean and warn endangered coastal areas in time to evacuate early. I provided my invention ideas to our Government (NOAA, USGS) and American universities heavily funded to do tsunami research, and my ideas were all ignored. One university even returned my manuscript with an attached note stating that they were refusing to even read it! The result will be that every time a major tsunami occurs, many more lives will be lost than with my invention idea.
          (3) During the 2010 Gulf Coast British Petroleum oil spill, I came up with a great invention idea on how to plug the leak simply, fast and inexpensively. Instead, BP tried out asinine "solutions" like the "mud shot" and the "junk shot" - both which I had advised against after making my calculations because they would not and could not work - both failed miserably as expected, and the result was that much more oil was dumped into the Gulf. No one tried out my idea, or even seriously considered it!

This booklet is $50 each + S/H; feel free to buy as many as you wish.


BY AN ORDER OF THE MAGNITUDE: The most comprehensive survival book ever written for you to deal with an increasingly deadly world. Includes: Improvised Explosives, Firearms, Self-Defense, Laser-Guided Systems, Vehicle Modifications, Burglar Alarms, Booby Traps, Surveillance, Chemistry, Harassment & Revenge, The Art of Concealment (Things), Hiding Places (People), The Radio Shack Reality, Cryptography, Disguises, ID Changes, Privacy, The Techno-Tool Kit, Non-Video Tempest Techniques, Equipment Source Lists, Radio Interception of Phone Conversations, Telecommo Techniques, Underground Resistance, Urban/Rural Survival, Typical Survival Situations, Survival Computing - much more! words=88.9K. $39. ISBN: 0-934274-28-2

ENEMY PRISONERS OF WAR, CIVILIAN INTERNEES AND DETAINED PERSONS (FM 19-40): Photocopy of hard-to-get, U.S. Army Manual, pre 9/11. Includes chapter on civilian internees. Describes treatment of POWs and other "detainees," construction and layout of camps, and intelligence. 95 pages. $39. No ISBN

ROCKET'S RED GLARE: Published in honor of our vanishing Constitutional rights - what little of them remain today (see our legal book offers)! RRG is the most definite and comprehensive source on solid-propellant survival and amateur rocketry! Includes:

Too hot to handle! words=22.9K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-25-8

FIREWORKS!: Remember when you could properly celebrate the 4th of July? Now, you can't even wave a sparkler without being arrested! Completely describes they made M-80s, BLOCKBUSTERS, CHERRY BOMBS; ROCKETS (MATCH, BOTTLE, LARGER); VOLCANOES and FOUNTAINS, SPARKLERS, SAFETY FUSES! How COLOR to popular fireworks. How ingredients are made from easily available substances. The medicinal uses and drugstore ingredients - what the savvy know what to look for. Detailed construction plans. words=4.6K. $15. ISBN: 0-934274-85-1

The POOR MAN'S BULLETPROOF VEST: Protect yourself! Commercial BPVs cost $100s each, and some firms only sell their best ones to law enforcement. Some BPVs leave gaps above the shoulders, below the hips and at the armpits that cost lives! Our PMBPV manual describes in detail how you can make a homemade BPV, using common materials, for about $50! Learn how you can easily add on head, neck, genital and armpit protectors; how to make highly-insulating bulletproof panels that you can slip into the linings of coats, jackets, hats, car doors, home walls, etc. words=5.3K. $14.

STEALTH TECHNOLOGY: Police-type Doppler radar and laser radar (Lidar) are fascinating! They also have error rates of 10%-20%! We describe every known:

The TV program, "Myth Busters," in conjunction with California police (CHiP), evaluated several methods used to stealth vehicles and debunked all those it tested. Problem was it did not even test the method we describe in STEALTH TECHNOLOGY, claiming that it made the test car so heavy it could not be operated when in fact our method will add about 20 lbs to a car's weight when properly applied. Wonder why. Hmmm. Comprehensive and invaluable. words=19.9K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-21-5

AUTO THEFT COUNTERMEASURES: Auto theft is at rampant levels and still increasing! Professional auto thieves are trained to defeat virtually ALL popular commercial methods - including "Clubs," locks and alarms. To prevent the theft of YOUR autos, you need a device that is both unique and effective. ATC Manual describes the unique and very effective methods we invented, including plans for simple mechanical, electrical and electronic devices used to foil car thieves and to properly "reward them." words=8.8K. $15. ISBN: 0-934274-81-9

ULTIMATE SUCCESS MANUAL: Expose on how the often most successful lie, cheat, steal, influence, and intimidate to career success or just to be treated fairly! Are workplace politics working against you? Underpaid? Overworked? Harassed? Manipulated? Learn effective techniques to obtain jobs, promotions, raises, more or less travel, desirable transfers, and respectful and preferential treatment! From your first resume to CEO! The USM applies to all types of positions where "office politics" play a part - we lay it on the line! The ultimate looking out for #1 Machiavellian manual for career success! Virtually every dirty trick and office guerrilla warfare tactic - all described in fist-clenching detail:

If you work for anyone - or are looking for a job - regardless of how much you think you know - the USM is the only definitive source of job-related dirty tricks! Machiavelli step aside! words=19.8K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-26-6

SURVIVAL GUNS & AMMO: Blood-and-guts conversions of commonly available semi-auto selective fire assault rifles and pistols described and illustrated. Comprehensive and detailed discussions on survival: rifles, shotguns, handguns, improvised weapons and ammo. Scenario of the upcoming total collapse and mass kill-off - much, much more! Written to honor our sacred Second Amendment rights. words=22.1. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-00-2

SILENCE IS GOLDEN: Gun Lovers! Science Buffs! Attention! Curious about silencers for pistols, rifles and machine guns. SG contains complete and detailed explanations and construction diagrams of various conceptually different types of silencers, built from common, inexpensive materials. Fascinating scientific principles. Written to honor our sacred Second Amendment rights. words=3.5K. $9.

MUGGER, RAPIST - DIE!: Stop any attack instantly! You have the right to protect yourself! You can disable or kill the largest attacker with a single blow anywhere on his body to immediately end the attack! A new concept for personal defense. Not a gun, knife or gas. Make from cheap, commonly available materials (about $5). Quick and easy to make and use - no special knowledge, abilities, strength or luck required. Requires common tools, parts and materials. Easily concealed, fast to deploy and difficult to disarm by even the most determined attacker. "Better judged by 12 than carried by 6." Plans. words=4.1K. $9.

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Consumertronics has spent decades researching, designing and developing radionics-type equipment - such famous devices as the RIFE DEVICE, NEUROPHONE, and HIERONYMUS MACHINEs (although it didn't invent these three devices), and other exciting and visionary devices and techniques of its own invention related to both Radionics and Electronic Weaponry, Mind Control, and Countermeasures. No medical advice is intended or provided.

FAKING ILLNESS & INJURY DISABILITIES: Disabilities are faked for numerous extremely profitable reasons, including obtaining huge court awards and out-of-court settlements, workers compensation, other disability instance, criminal leniency, hospitalizations, prescribed medications, sympathy and attention, escape from danger, avoidance of work and school responsibilities, and manipulating triage to obtain better and faster medical care over others more sick/injured. Manual discusses in detail the types of disability faking (malingering, factitious disorder, somatoform disorder, munchausens, conversion disorder), dozens of major and minor maladies commonly faked and exactly how they are faked, how major individual symptoms are faked, and detailed countermeasures (dozens of tricks and tests detailed) used to prove faking (cases described where proving medical faking is very difficult), how those with legitimate disabilities are often routinely cheated out of just compensations by greedy insurance companies, and how the pros on both sides manipulate the system for maximum profits. Faking illnesses and injuries and denying legitimate claims are each multi- $ Billion scams! Detailed & comprehensive. An absolute must for everyone! words=23.1K. $39. ISBN: 0-934274-83-5

RADIONICS MANUAL: "Could revolutionize medicine" (ABC "20/20", "BODY ELECTRIC"). History, descriptions, plans (dozens of circuits), availability of RADIONICS DEVICES from early tube-type to state-of-the-art. Includes 6TH. SENSE COMMUNICATOR, CEREBRAL SYNCHRONIZER, LAVHOVSKY MWO - many more! Radionic devices are used to diagnose, treat and prevent disease and injury. Why be ripped-off any more by the traditional medical and pharmaceutical clique! Painless and non-invasive - many can even be used while asleep. Electricity costs pennies - drugs cost $1,000s! words=14.1K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-22-3

HEAL THYSELF! : Many EM devices are well-established as effective means of therapy and healing, and are now licensed by the FDA. To LEASE these commercial devices requires an attending physician and $3,000+ per therapy! HT provides the detailed plans for 3 different such device types so that you can build them for about $50 each and use them yourself for pennies per day! Also described are: Cardiac Pacemakers, Phrenic Nerve Stimulators, Defibrillators, Pain Killers, Sight and Hearing Restorers; detailed description of osteogenesis; how EM healing works. Extra sections on natural body electricity, wound healing, MEG devices, magnetic necklaces, orthodontic devices, mind control, automatic learning, etc. words=11.0K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-06-1

While "HEAL THYSELF!" primarily covers FDA-approved type medical devices, "RADIONICS MANUAL" primarily covers non-approved, experimental and visionary devices. Both for only $39!

CANCER PREVENTION & REMEDIES: About 1,000,000 Americans are diagnosed with cancers every year and 100,000s of them die from these dread diseases! CP&R describes the 125 Cancer Warning Signs, Negative and Positive Factors, and Naturopathic, Radionic and Hyperthermic Cures and Cure Strategies. Emphasis is on cures that YOU can easily, inexpensively and effectively apply (as opposed to the traditional strategies of surgeries, radiology and chemotherapy that are usually very risky, painful, debilitating and expensive). To kill off the cancer may require using every weapon at your disposal. Don't make the tragic mistake of putting your entire faith for a cancer cure into any one method or medical entity! words=7.7K. $16. ISBN: 0-934274-79-7

BIO-SPECTRUM ANALYSIS: As part of our RADIONICS research, we compile and maintain an extensive data file that summarizes the biologic effects of exposures to various EMFs. This data file is unique - developed and sold by Consumertronics only. The entire non-visible and nonionizing electromagnetic spectrum is covered from DC to the near infrared (0-300 GHz), with special emphasis on DC, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 2.45 GHz (microwave ovens) and 3 GHz (many radars). Includes 6 ELF bands, VLF, LF, MF, HF, VHF, UHF, SHF and EHF! 100s of studies are cited by researcher, date, source, effects and subjects tested, and signal intensities, freqs, durations, duty-cycles, waveforms and modulations. Also included are the FCC assignments of the various freq ranges, and the physical properties of various signals. The BSA printout includes a graphical layout of the EM spectrum sorted by the freqs tested in the biologic studies - everything at your fingertips so that you can quickly pinpoint findings for any 0 to 300 GHz exposure you may be concerned about. words=13.2K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-34-7

EMF & LIGHT THERAPIES: EMF&LT is our newest addition to our dozen major contributions in radionics research over 20+ years. Our results prove that certain types of light actually kill germs that cause colds, flus, and various other ailments. Learn what types of light work for certain germs! In EMF&LT, we systematically studied the germicidal properties of EMFs and lights in vitro and in vivo. Bands included microwaves, 4 IR bands, 6 visible bands and 3 UV bands. For all of these bands, exposures were continuous flash, single-flash, periodic flash (i.e. strobed), random pulse-rate flash and random pulse-width flash. We used over a dozen different energy sources. Many exciting electromagnetic therapy and light therapy results! words=7.7K. $19.

The "SILKWOOD": The SILKWOOD may mean the difference between life and death and agonizing disease! It detects x-rays and gamma rays, and alpha particles and beta particles. Consider these advantages over others:

Have you been SILKWOODed at your job? Is your home radiating from radon gas? Your children's schools and playgrounds? Unexplained clustering of neighborhood/job illnesses known to be caused by radiation? You MUST be able to determine what things are safe to live in, use and consume. Plans. words=4.1K. $12.

PREVENT & CURE COLDS & FLUS: You know how miserable a cold or flu can be! Not to mention lost work and fun, and related medical costs! And they can lead to pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, et al. And infect your family and friends. Learn a simple and inexpensive - yet effective - means of preventing and curing colds and flus. words=2.9K. $12.

PREVENT & CURE DENTAL DISEASE: About 70% of teeth losses are from gum disease (periodontal disease) - not cavities! This disease first destroys the gums that surround the teeth, then the underlying bone which supports them - very painful, debilitating and expensive to treat. It then continues to destroy gum and bone to inflict more pain, swelling and disfigurement. About 75% of us are infected by gum disease! Frequent brushing, flossing and dentist cleaning are good but not enough! This little-known regimen can be done quickly, painlessly and privately in your home using cheap and common ingredients. And how some primitive cultures naturally prevented gum disease. words=3.8K. $12.

BODY SCULPTURING: What you wear can redistribute the fat in your body, for example, to increase breast size or enhance breast shape. And what you wear can strongly and adversely affect male potency (resulting in or contributing to erectile dysfunction), and male fertility (resulting in or contributing to male infertility) by disrupting cellular functions in the male genitals. Although much fat distribution is gene-controlled, the type of clothes worn can greatly determine whether fat will move into or away from adjacent tissues, and by wearing the right clothes in the right way, breasts can be sculptured without surgery. And in males, both potency and fertility can be improved (for males who are not interested in fatherhood, methods described in this manual may also be used for contraception). Why? Different materials rubbing against human skin impart different static electric charges to the skin. This is known as a Triboelectric Effect. Be smart so that what you wear doesn't, "Rub you the wrong way!" Based on the works of Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom (world renowned researcher - formerly Chaired the Nobel Prize in Medicine Committee), and others. Not a book on diets, dieting or exercise. If breast enhancements, male potency, male fertility, body fat redistribution, and/or the various effects of electricity on the human body are important to you then you must buy our "BODY SCULPTURING" manual. Words=11.2K. $29.

X-RAY TO DEATH!: Diagnostic X-Rays may be killing YOU with cancer or crippling your unborn children with birth defects! All X-rays are potentially hazardous and doses accumulate throughout your life! words=1.0+K. $9.

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We make no medical or paranormal claims. For a CT-Scan image showing throat implants:
=> Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Free Mind Control / Electronic Attack Tutorial

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ADDICTION RESEARCH CENTER (ARC) - Drugs - Mind Control - The Peter Meter - The Gay Drug - Fidel Castro - The Kennedys - CIA - Animal Abuse - VA-Lobotomized Veterans - Dr. Frank Olson: This is truly one of the most shocking books published in recent times! The ARC story must finally be told! This book is so controversial, we simply cannot guarantee later availabilities! The author, John Williams, M.S.E.E., was employed as a Health Physicist at the Addiction Research Center (ARC) of the infamous Narcotics Farm near Lexington, KY, early 1970s, and this book is his recollections. The ARC was in some respects straight out of "SHUTTER ISLAND." This eye-popping book has informtion never before disclosed in any book. This book starts out with a brief history of the NIH Narcotics Farm, and the ARC, CRC (Clinical Research Center), the minimum-security Federal Prison, and the secret VA Mental Ward - all located in the same Narcotics Farm complex. Then this book goes in some detail into Williams's experiences at ARC. Then comes the really hair-raising parts: (1) How Williams's first developed his mind control, electronic attack and radionics expertise through his R&D work in a secret ARC mind control laboratory (which later led to his mind control, electronic attack and radionics R&D for both Consumertronics and Lone Star Consulting, Inc.), (2) How ARC's mind control research may be linked to the assassination of Robert Kennedy, (3) How animals were horrifically abused in biomedical research at ARC, (4) How the VA hid away about 50 "shell shock" (PTSD) World War II Disabled Veterans in a secret mental ward above the Federal Prison whom the VA had lobotomized (50 still alive there in early 1970s, out of its 1,000s of VA-lobotomized Veterans nationally) - then lied to their families about them honorably dying in combat, (5) How Williams designed the infamous "Peter Meter" for the ARC, which was used to test ARC/CRC drugged patients exposed to gay and straight images and which helped ARC develop the Gay Drug, (6) How the CIA planned to use the Gay Drug to permanently convert Fidel Castro (and other communist leaders) into 'raving homosexual maniacs' so Castro would be more easily overthrown, (7) Possible connections between researchers at ARC and the death of Dr. Frank Olson, and more. words=10.1K. $39.

MIND CONTROL: Concern and fear increases over electromagnetic and ultrasonic mind control and body control technologies - especially relating to electronic implants, and the motives of those who control minds and electronically harass. Unfortunately, there is much more disinformation published than facts. MIND CONTROL teaches you the shocking truth about this alarming and bizarre phenomena. Topics include: What is Mind Control?, Not Everyone is a Victim, Agent Doubles, How Microwaves Perform Mind Control, Implanted Devices, Transmitting Crystals & Tracking, Tape Recording EM Attacks, Penetration of Tissue, Shielding & Countermeasures, Our Findings, Synthetic Telepathy, satellites, much, much more! words=17.6K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-84-3

SUBLIMINAL MIND CONTROL: Uses and abuses of subliminal technology for mind control, behavior modification, brainwashing, entrainment and indoctrination. Details dozens of techniques, the mechanisms of how subliminal control works, how it is most effectively used with conscious techniques, how to detect and combat subliminal attacks, subliminal inventions and subliminal references. And the mind's mechanisms for forming beliefs, values, judgments, habits, prejudices and predictions - brain mechanisms abused by subliminal mind controllers to get you to buy, do and believe anything they want you to. More! words=13.2K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-97-5

UNDER ATTACK!: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electronic Weapons (Electronic Attack) cause inexplicable manifestations! While chemical pollution can often be seen and felt, electromagnetic pollution is not seen and is seldom felt. Yet, it can cause cancer, birth defects and many psychological and neurological disorders. EMI and electronic weapons can be destructive to people, pets, plant life, equipment, plastics, etc. UNDER ATTACK! includes actual cases (which we have investigated) of electronic attacks on people by electromagnetic weapons! Topics also include: Low Freq. Exposures, Manifestations, Harmful EMFs, Beneficial EMFs, EMF Weapon Systems, Computer Analyses, more! Includes how to tell if you are "under attack", how you can pinpoint the source of the attack, and specific countermeasures. words=19.2K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-36-3

EM BRAINBLASTER: Plans for powerful EM Weapons and Lab Devices. Includes brainwaves and EEGs; behavioral conditioning, mind control, brainwashing, entrainment and dreamscaping; physiological, psychological, and neurological effects of EMBBs; brain anatomy and physiology, positive stimulations (e.g. calming, healing, pleasure centers, arousal, automatic learning, et al); stimulation techniques; optimizing waveform, freq, modulation, duty cycle and other factors; biologic electrical/ magnetic properties, et al. The brainwave frequencies are: Alpha (8 Hz - 12 Hz - Awake, mild/moderate stimulation), Beta (15 Hz - 25 Hz - Awake, moderate/excited stimulation), Delta (0.5 Hz - 4 Hz - Stage 3 Sleep, Stage 4 Sleep), Theta (4 Hz - 8 Hz - Stage 1 Sleep and REM Sleep), and Spindles (12 Hz - 15 Hz - Stage 2 Sleep, often with K-Complex). Dozens of photos and illustrations. words=30.1K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-05-3

CREATIVE DREAMING BY A PROVEN CREATIVE GENIUS: There are 1000s of dream creativity books, dream coaches, dream counselors, yogi masters, gurus, mystics, seers, oracles and other "dream experts" and "creativity experts." Fortunately, there is a very simple way to find the very few truly competent dream creativity experts. Just ask them: (1) “What are your professional qualifications in brain function which will convince me that you understand how the brain really functions and how it is controlled?” (the mere fact that a person has a MD or PhD degree does not prove that he knows diddly about brain function, brainwaves, dreams or creativity - we frequently run into these types), and, more importantly, (2) “If your method really works to produce great creativity, then what profound creative achievements have you personally done using YOUR method?” Many who know little or nothing about creative dreaming have relatively minor/moderate creative successes - no proof of great creative abilities. Only proof of earth-shaking creativity counts! The truth is that virtually none of the self-proclaimed dream creativity "experts" have or can prove even one case of an earth-shaking creativity by them! Most of them are just scammers and opportunists who regurgitate other "expert opinions" or studies, just guess at dream creativity, or invent unproven BS theories. Why let unproven fakes and frauds mess with your mind and waste your time when it comes to something as critical as dream creativity?
      JOHN J. WILLIAMS, M.S.E.E. - proven creative genius - is the author of this astounding book on dream creativity. For decades, while working for, and since 2000 while working for Lone Star Consulting, Inc., Williams has done considerable research, design and development into mind control and improvised weapons and laboratory devices affecting brain functions. For, see the “Mind Control,” “Subliminal Mind Control,” “Electromagnetic Brainblaster,” and “Under Attack!” books. For Lone Star Consulting, Inc., see its “The Ultimo Brainwave Analysis & Biofeedback/Biocontrol Device,” “The Ultimo TDCS Brain Stimulator System,” “The Brain Signature Waveform Detector,” “The Subliminal Mixer/Amp,” “Scanners - The Device,” “The Ultimate Weapons & Lab Development System,” and “The Hypno Super-Sleeper” device types ( webpage) as his proof, as well as its “FREE Mind Control & Electronic Attack Tutorial,” linked from its ( webpage. As for proof of earth-shaking creative genius derived from his dream creativity method, Williams personally solved The “Riddle of the Ages” - how The Great Pyramid of Egypt (Khufu’s Pyramid) was built using a nearly centrally located hydraulic elevator ( when he experienced an epiphany (i.e. Eureka flash) while using his very dream creativity method he invented and detailed in his book.
      This Williams Dream Creativity book is not just for people who want to derive dreams so profound that they rival Williams's Great Pyramid theory or Watson's DNA theory or Howe's sewing machine design theory, but to also much help you solve the very difficult and even intractable problems and major decisions all of us face during our lifetimes. Some people say, "I never make a major decision until I sleep on it first." Now, with the Williams's Dream Creativity book, your major decisions should be much more focused, sharp and optimal than ever before.
      This Williams Dream Creativity book describes in detail Williams's dream creativity method step-by-step, related terms and concepts, why his method is far better than the others, great geniuses who experienced dream creativity epiphanies, dozen common myths relevant to dream creativity, the evolution of creative dreaming, common attributes of creative people, creative ways of thinking, similar creative dream states (alpha-theta states) and techniques and how they differ (e.g. transcendental meditation, hypnosis, hypnogogia, hypnopompia, out-of-body experience, false awakening), efficiency analysis and its importance to creativity, steps to apply the dream creativity, mind control and behavioral modification attributes of Williams's dream creativity method, and how to clear the mind from restless, intrusive and racing thoughts and induce restful sleep fast, safely and easily using materials common in the home and do not involve any drugs (great for insomnia sufferers!). Optimize your creativity, intelligence and innovation today.
words=15.1K. $29.

The WILLIAMS's HYDRAULIC THEORY TO CHEOPS's PYRAMID: Finally, the Riddle of the Ages is now solved - how Khufu's Pyramid was built! This is not some bogus, half-baked theory on Khufu's Pyramid but one so serious that the legendary Zahi Hawass himself ordered this manual! Far more reasonable than any of the Ramp (would have required about 7 times more material than the Pyramid itself), and other theories: Illustrated, detailed and comprehensive. After you return here from this page, you'll definitely want to order this great heavily illustrated manual. words=25.1K. $29. ISBN 0-934274-96-7.

     Also, please visit our eye-popping webpages on The "Williams Petradox" - a rock with an embedded manmade-like component. Is it of alien/UFO origin? From a lost advanced civilization? Dozens of clear photos (most microscopic) - including X-rays and ultraviolet! (and

FAKING PSYCHIC POWERS: Throughout the history of mankind, great people held psychic powers. Some have been called, "prophets." But just as there are crooked rich and famous lawyers and doctors, there are crooked rich and famous psychics. We considered naming this manual, "The Lazy Person's Way to Great Fame & Fortune." Faking psychic powers is probably today one of the most lucrative ways to obtain great fame and fortune with minimal education and efforts just by doing psychic entertainment, psychic readings, psychic predictions, psychic investigations, psychic communications, etc. Even if one has virtually zero psychic powers, if he/she has a good memory, talking and acting abilities, social engineering skills, and moderate intelligence, he/she can become a first-rate fake psychic within weeks of diligent self-study. No long hours of classes and great costs are required. And compared to magic, little or no costly props, special equipment, need of paid assistants, heavy lifting or high level of animation is required. This powerful, comprehensive manual describes in eye-popping detail the techniques, tricks and psychology fake psychics use to sometimes even fool and manipulate the biggest skeptics and cynics. One can get so good at faking psychic powers that he/she can even be fooled into believing that he/she is a real psychic. There are even high-paid respectable professional positions opened to psychics (e.g. psychic detectives, mentalist stage acts, remote viewers, etc.). And faking psychic powers is terrific for just personally entertaining and impressing your family, friends, coworkers and colleagues, for developing social engineering skills, and as a likely edge into careers in psychology, sales, acting, motivational speaker, etc! Includes countermeasures to protect yourself from fake psychics. words=11.7K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-91-6.

SEDONA MAGIC: For decades, beautiful Sedona, AZ, has been a magnet for New Agers and others who believe in psychic and spiritual phenomena, and in the claimed stimulating and healing powers of Electromagnetic Vortexes and Medicine Wheels. Our professionals went to Sedona to determine whether there was an unusual electromagnetic environment there to account for such reports. We used our most sophisticated equipment. Includes our mind-boggling findings, an in-depth discussion of the relationships between psychic/spiritual energy and EM and gravitational fields, the theory behind EM Vortexes, and our theory of the cause of the Sedona Phenomenon. words=10.3K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-51-7

UFOs and ETs: Shocking truth behind UFO and extraterrestrial sightings, secret, massive, international efforts to communicate with space aliens, The New World Order, current and recent visits and probings, and the prospects of large space alien visits and possible attacks on the earth in the near future. words=7.9K. $12. ISBN: 0-934274-39-8. See above for hotlink to our enigmalith webpage!

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HOW TO STOP GULF OIL LEAK & OTHER FLUID & GAS LEAKS: Neither the U.S. Government nor British Petroleum, nor any of the other involved corporations or governments, know how to quickly or completely stop the Gulf Oil Leak or any similar deep water leak. The result has been an absolute catastrophe! The U.S. Government, scientists and the newsmedia refuse to listen to practical solutions which will likely work, but only to Hollywood celebrities, celebrity scientists, Nobel Prize winners, and assorted self-promoting blowhards.
          Written by John J. Williams, who in 2001 solved "The Riddle of The Ages" - how The Great Pyramid of Egypt (Khufu's Pyramid) was built, by using a centrally-located hydraulic elevator, and published his discovery in his book, "THE WILLIAMS's HYDRAULIC METHOD TO CHEOPS's PYRAMID" book (Cheops is Greek for Khufu). "The Riddle of The Ages" stumped some of the greatest geniuses in history for 1,000 years - until John Williams solved it! The asinine theory most accepted even today by so-called pyramid experts is that The Great Pyramid of Giza was built using a 1-2 mile long ramp (480+ feet high), which would have required about 7 times more material than The Great Pyramid itself (do the math), and then would have had to be torn down after The Great Pyramid was finished!
          Then, in early 2005, John Williams responded to the devastating Dec. 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, which killed 300,000+ people, with his, "MITIGATE TSUNAMI DESTRUCTIVE FORCES" book, and his, "DETECT/MEASURE TSUNAMIS IN OPEN OCEAN" book. His tsunami mitigation systems inventions are designed to mitigate tsunami and other violent wave surge-caused damages, thereby saving 1,000s of lives. And as extra benefits, his tsunami inventions would have generated megawatts of electricity for coastal areas using them, provided greater coastal security from possible terrorist attacks, provided artificial reefs to increase sea life habitats, and provided anchor structures for piers and barrier reefs, and for inexpensive and portable means to detect and measure tsunamis in the open ocean that most ships can afford to carry. Yet, his creative and very practical tsunami invention ideas were ignored by the Government (NOAA, USGS) and major universities lavished with huge taxpayer grants from the Government to "study" tsunami mitigation solutions - 5+ years later and they still have not developed and implemented any practical tsunami mitigation solutions! Next major tsunami: 100,000s more will needlessly die! John Williams proved yet again with his tsunami mitigation inventions that he is one of the greatest creative and visionary scientific and engineering minds in 100+ years.
          Then again, in 2010, John Williams responded to the devastating BP Gulf Oil Leak with simple, effective, quick, inexpensive and practical inventions to stop the Gulf Oil Leak, which he details in this his, "HOW TO STOP GULF OIL LEAK & OTHER FLUID & GAS LEAKS". Yet, the Gulf Oil Leak continued for 3 months because Government bureaucrats refused to consider his solutions to stop the Gulf Leak. While cleaning up the oil is also required, stopping it is of paramount importance. The Gulf Oil Leak started April 20, 2010. John Williams invented his solutions for stopping it by April 29, and emailed just about everyone from President Obama down to relevant regional officials (governors, mayors, city managers, environmental agencies, etc.) of the various Gulf States and coastal cities since then - yet no one implemented any of his inventions, which would have taken no more than about two weeks to implement. Months have since passed, many of the Gulf beaches awashed in tar balls. In the afflicted areas, animals died, the environment is devastated, seafood and tourism industries crashed, and huge quantities of oil and methane gas energy resources were squandered! If the Exxon Valdez spill is a good example, the Gulf region may turn into a living hellhole for decades - even generations - to come! Simply because the oil becomes less visible over months and years does not mean that the oil mysteriously vanished and all is fine again. Oil is still there killing, damaging and contaminating - dissolved in toxic dispersants, settling onto the sea floor, and floating around in the middle. And when the next huge oil and gas leak occurs in the Gulf or elsewhere, the government and the responsible oil corporations will be as unprepared, dumbfounded and ineffective as they are now because they won't implement Williams's inventions to quickly and inexpensively stop oil, other fluids and gas leaks.
          Williams's invention ideas for stopping, or at least greatly reducing, the Gulf Oil Leak, as well as other difficult underwater and underground leaks of pipes and containers, are designed to effectively work at great water depths, pressures and turbulences, over a wide temperature range, with leaking pipes and containers of various materials, types, shapes, dimensions and wall thicknesses, even on pipes and containers which are bent, out-of-round, misshapen, dented, bulging, twisted and/or punctured, whether positioned vertically, horizontally or tilted at some angle in between. Williams's invention ideas will work for at least several weeks or months - if not permanently - until relief wells or some other fix can back it up. Williams's devices are relatively fast, easy and inexpensive to develop, test, produce and apply, and do not require exotic construction and application techniques, materials, tools or equipment, and can be built, tested, refined, modified, repaired and customized on land, and are relatively lightweight and portable.
          John J. Williams is one of the most creative and visionary scientific and engineering thinkers in 100+ years! SO WHY HAVE NOT ANY OF WILLIAMS's IDEAS ON STOPPING THE LEAK BEEN IMPLEMENTED!

           Illustrated. As with all offers, no intellectual rights of Consumertronics or the author are included. words=6.4K. $9.90.

DETECT/MEASURE TSUNAMIS IN OPEN OCEAN: Designed to save thousands of lives! The current tsunami detection and warning system (The Tsunami Warning System) consists of complex, immobile, very expensive and highly structured detection and communications systems. The result was clearly demonstrated on Dec. 26, 2004 at cost of about 300,000 lives and $ billions in damages due to the Indian Ocean tsunami.
           Tsunamis are caused by underwater or coastal earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and asteroid strikes. Huge underwater and coastal landslides resulting in deadly tsunamis can be triggered by even small earthquakes, volcanoes, underwater natural and manmade explosions, and even purportedly by global warming. Therefore, detecting and measuring earthquakes, while important to tsunami detection, are by themselves highly inadequate. Those facing tsunami dangers not only live near the Pacific Ocean where all the DART sensors are now located, but tsunamis can strike just about anywhere there is a substantial body of water, also including but not limited to the Indian Ocean (as the world has seen), the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, and big rivers, bays, other lakes and even reservoirs. Most Americans live within striking distance of tsunamis. If not quickly warned before a tsunami nears the shore, you may have only seconds or minutes to escape or face a violent and horrible death.
           Current tsunami detection and warning system leaves vast areas of the oceans unmonitored. It is limited to the Pacific Ocean, and it currently consists of 6 deep ocean sensors, 2 of which were recently and may still be broken (Aleutian Islands). The San Francisco Chronicle states about the current tsunami sensors (1/10/05): "Then there's the problem of tsunami-watching instruments that, like snoozing guard dogs, aren't working when they are needed."
           Current system is also extremely expensive. Each deep ocean sensor costs $2,500,000, requires $125,000 in annual maintenance, and has a life of two years, and is apparently structured to provide slow, inadequate and subjective warning responses to incoming tsunami waves that can travel 500+ mph in open ocean. Current system has a record of not warning about tsunamis that did occur, and falsely warning about tsunamis that did not occur (75% false alarm rate since 1975!). Asinine claims have even been made by proponents of this clearly defective, inadequate and very expensive current system that it is the only system that can possibly work to detect and measure tsunamis in open ocean waters!
           Book describes, illustrates, explores and proposes simple, small, inexpensive electronics monitoring devices that can be carried on aircraft or watercraft of virtually any kind and size and dropped into the water whenever and wherever a tsunami is suspected (as it is very difficult to visually detect tsunamis in open waters even on a clear day) - simple, cheap, effective methods to detect and measure tsunamis in open waters real time using relatively inexpensive, highly mobile, low-tech methods and devices, and without using permanent buoys - a true tsunami early warning system with global reach. Each device should cost a few $100s or $1000s - not $ millions - and my system can be deployed globally within a few months - not years or decades of more studies, planning and political bickering between nations - possibly saving thousands of lives!
           Illustrated. As with all offers, no intellectual rights of Consumertronics or author are included. See other tsunami book above, "MITIGATE TSUNAMI DESTRUCTIVE FORCES, PLUS."
words=7.6K. $29.

MITIGATE TSUNAMI DESTRUCTIVE FORCES, PLUS: Designed to save thousands of lives! How to mitigate tsunami damage and mitigate storm surge damage with minimum negative effects on tourism and maximum positive effects on the local economy. As was clearly demonstrated on Dec. 26, 2004 at cost of about 300,000 lives and $ billions in damages from the Indian Ocean tsunami, little efforts have been made to protect coastal areas from tsunami or even storm surge attacks (also demonstrated was how grossly inadequate the Tsunami Warning System is).
           Today, in parts of Japan and elsewhere, ocean wave protection systems are largely limited to erecting only partially effective, extremely expensive, environmentally destructive, unsightly and obstructive high sea walls and dikes which disrupt the pristine natural beauty of the beaches, coasts and harbors, and drive away tourists, although they do save lives and property under certain tsunami conditions.
           My book describes, illustrates, explores and proposes relatively simple, small, inexpensive mechanical / electrical systems that minimize the destructive and violent surge forces of tsunamis and strong wind waves, while preserving and even augmenting the natural environment, and with other features that boost the industries, tourism, economy, ecology, security of the area while maintaining its pristine natural beauty. My system is designed to mitigate tsunami damages and mitigate storm surge damages (tsunami mitigation, storm surge mitigation), and as extra benefits, would have generated megawatts of electricity for these coastal areas, provided greater coastal security from possible terrorist attacks, provided artificial reefs to increase sea creature habitats, and provided anchor structures for piers and barrier reefs.

           Illustrated. As with all offers, no intellectual rights of Consumertronics or the author are included. See other tsunami book below, "DETECT/MEASURE TSUNAMIS IN OPEN OCEAN." words=10.1K. $39.

HOW TO DO BUMPER STICKERS, SIGNS & DECALS: Bumper stickers are one of the few remaining effective ways that most people have to freely and publicly express their opinions without being censored by any publisher, editor, producer, host or author! Manual describes commonly available materials and techniques you can use to quickly, easily, cheaply make your high-quality professional-looking bumper stickers, signs (including business signs, for sale signs, political signs, protest signs, direction signs, missing person signs, missing pet signs), decals, address labels, shipping labels, logos, banners, bands, invitations, business cards, decorations, plastic jewelry, other crafts, works of art (artworks), photo media (beats photo paper and is much cheaper!), CD labels and DVD labels (tested on two CDROMs), disk labels (floppy diskette labels), file labels (filing system labels), message postings, bulletin board postings, display labels, sales labels, price labels, warning labels, business project labels, science project labels, school project labels, tool labels, equipment labels, instrumentation panel labels, etc for both exterior and interior uses - virtually unlimited uses! Commercial bumper sticker/sign/decal kits can cost $100s - even on eBay. And the materials they sell are often for an outrageous $1+ per letter-size sheet + S/H + your delivery wait, when quality self-sticking vinyl plastic materials - including transparent materials - are commonly available for much less. If you have and know how to use your laser or inkjet printer (and your printer will print on common cardstock and plastic transparencies (e.g. for overhead projections)), and any one of a number of very fine Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Autodesk, Macromedia, Ulead, etc paint, drawing (including CAD), photo processing, desktop publishing, webpage design/website design computer programs (e.g. PhotoShop, PaintShop Pro, Illustrator, Word, WordPerfect, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Corel Draw, AutoCAD, PhotoImpact, PrintShop, FrontPage, Art Dabbler, PhotoStyler, PhotoPaint, Publisher, PageMill, PhotoSuite, Freehand, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver), you can quickly/easily/cheaply make your own bumper stickers, signs, decals, crafts, etc with messages and images to YOUR likings, and without depending on anyone else! No silkscreening or other expensive method is required. Also includes a section on how to quickly and easily remove stickers on metal and glass. Note: Printer, software, tools (e.g. scissors, tape) and materials are not included. Manual is not a tutorial on any computer, printer or software, but comprehensively covers common and inexpensive, high quality vinyl plastic materials for making them (including transparent vinyl materials that can also be used for many lamination purposes - much cheaper than office supply store lamination sheets), tips on how to prepare your materials to be printer-friendly and on how to do high-quality printouts, and tips on how to preserve your sticker/sign/decal for long lasting exterior uses. words=6.1K. $15.

HEAT SHRINK TUBING TIPS: Heat shrink tubing is a very versatile and useful material which solves many shop, household and business problems and addresses many situations. One of the most important features of this do-it-yourself manual is its information on how to easily and inexpensively convert cheap nonadhesive heat shrink tubing into expensive adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing. Also included are dozens of other great tips and recommendations on how to more easily, quickly and effectively apply heat shrink tubing. Some of the countless and important uses of heatshrink tubing are: (A) Covering wood, metal, plastic and ceramic handles and similar objects to improve grip feel and increase girth, (B) Adding strength to objects, (C) Repairing damaged, broken and frayed objects, (D) Reinforcing object areas most subject to scuffing, mechanical forces and water or chemicals, (D) Protect and strengthen electrical connections, (E) Providing electrical insulation and/or thermal insulation, (F) Stabilizing and securing loose mechanical parts, (G) Joining or binding multiple wires, tubes, rods and other objects together, (H) Tamperproofing objects. While heatshrink tubing is popularly used in electronics, automotive repair/upgrade, crafts, construction industry, plumbing, gardening and metal shops, it also finds countless uses for general household and business uses and home garages as an important material for repairing, enhancing, insulating, joining and constructing objects. Words=9.3K. $29.

CUSTOM MAKE V-BLOCKS CHEAP & EASY: V-Blocks are invaluable tools, mostly used by mechanics and machinists, but with many other uses. Most V-Blocks are made to securely hold round pipes, tubes, rods, hoses, cables, and other round stock or parts to be drilled, cut, ground, milled, punched, reamed, polished, welded, brazed, soldered, sculptured, painted, decorated, etc. so that these operations can be done very steadily and precisely. Doing these same operations by dangling the stock or other object off of the end of a vise or clamp generally leads to much cruder results as the worked-on object will likely vibrate or bend some and more likely even slip or be marred while being worked on. V-Blocks are not limited to holding and securing round objects. Square and rectangular stock and other objects can also be used, depending on the intended operation. And odd-shaped objects can be used as well - just as long as they fit and are secured onto the V-Block. We have even used V-Blocks to mount small motors. While securing stock and other objects for machining operations is the most common uses of V-Blocks, V-Blocks have many other practical uses, for examples, for displays of collectibles or items for sale, holding ice cores and rock cores, working on fossils, rocks and minerals, holding sports equipment (e.g. baseball bats, fishing rods), holding motors and generators, for storage containers, for book and magazine holders, for holding, positioning and guiding sliding or rotating rods, pipes, tubes, hoses, cables, shafts and tools, and as troughs. And a V-Block inverted-mounted on top of another V-Block to form a square tube can serve as a sturdy container, guide or bushing.
Commercial V-Blocks are milled out of hard steel using ultra costly milling machines, are considered to be precision tools, don't come in many variations, and are very costly (not good in these harder economic times). Custom making your own V-Blocks is a great idea because you can make V-Blocks which best suit YOUR particular V-Block needs. This manual describes fast, easy and cheap methods to fabricate V-Blocks (also referred to as "Vee Blocks"), as well as W-Blocks (also referred to as "Wee Blocks") and X-Blocks, which do NOT require a milling machine. The only material cutting tool required is one which will cut the materials you choose for your V-Blocks, usually a bandsaw or hacksaw. Both W-Blocks and X-Blocks are essentially multiple V-Bocks, all being collectively referred to as V-Blocks, so our same methods easily apply to W-Blocks and X-Blocks as well (a W-Block is a V-Block with two "V" notches on at least one side, a X-Block is a 4-sided V-block with a "X" cross-section). And don't sweat trying to buy V-Block clamps - our manual describes 3 other common tool types which are usually much cheaper and commonly available than commercial V-Block clamps for both your custom made and store-bought V-Blocks. While V-Blocks are almost always made of iron or aluminum (or some alloy of either), our methods do not limit possible materials to iron and aluminum and alloys of either; in fact V-Blocks can also be made from brass, copper, nickel, bronze, plastic, wood, cardboard, compressed paper, ceramic, etc. using our methods described in this manual. Manual is illustrated with lots of tips.
Words=5.1K. $29.

GASOLINE PRICES & GAS TANKS: We all know that the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel are now very high, skyrocketing and will very likely continue to escalate far into the future. How much your monthly gasoline and diesel fuel costs come to depend upon many complex factors, including some specifically related to your gas tank or diesel fuel tank. These tank factors include how clean your fuel is when it reaches your engine, and how accurate the calibration of the gas or diesel fuel pump or dispenser is at the gas station that dispenses your gas or diesel fuel. If you have an older vehicle, especially if you live in a rainy, humid, windy or dusty area or in an area where the gasoline or diesel fuel at the pump is not clean, you could have accumulated water, rust and/or debris in your gas tank or diesel fuel tank that can seriously adversely affect both your fuel mileage and how often and how much it costs you to repair your car's engine, carburetor, sparkplugs, fuel injectors, etc., and your ongoing need for expensive special fuel additives. It may be worthwhile to clean, if not change your gas tank or diesel fuel tank for a new one, in which case, if you do it yourself (recommended only if you are skilled and experienced at changing fuel tanks and have the facility and equipment access where you can do so reliably and safely), you need to know the size, shape, manufacturer and part/model number of the replacement fuel tank.
           Another critical tank factor is whether or not the fuel dispenser or fuel pump is accurately calibrated. While most states apparently "periodically require" calibration of fuel pumps and fuel dispensers, we believe that in most states not only are such calibrations rare, but the crooked operator can easily restore the crooked setting within minutes after an inspector has left. I have heard people referring to these so-called fuel calibration inspections as "jokes" and "eye-winks." Rip-offs at the pump can be very costly! For example, a fuel pump filling an empty 18 gallon tank dispensing only 0.8 gallons for every gallon it registers at $3/gallon will indicate 22.5 gallons at $67.50 instead of 18 gallons at $54.00, resulting in a rip-off of $13.50 - a whopping and blatant 25% rip-off (you are actually paying $3.75/gallon - makes that 3 cents you thought you were saving look pretty ridiculous in comparison!). If you fill up your vehicle once a week average at this cheat station, you are being cheated out of $702/year (assumes that the fuel price stays at $3/gallon for the year and does not increase - greater losses at higher prices). Apparently, very few people know the actual sizes of their fuel tanks. Can you afford this egregious level of thievery? The only way you can tell for sure whether or not your gas station is honest is to run your fuel tank down to empty, then completely fill it up AND you must know the size of your gas tank or diesel fuel tank to compare it with what the fuel dispenser or fuel pump displays (and charged you on) when you fill up. Even if you know the size of your gas or diesel fuel tank, what about the fuel tank sizes in your leased or rental vehicles? How about when you return the rental vehicle without first filling it up 100% and the clerk exaggerates the vehicle's tank size to rip you off of more money? Can you correct the clerk?
           After much effort, we now have available to us the fuel tank sizes of close to 1,000 makes and models of cars, pickup trucks, panel trucks, SUVs, vans, minivans, jeeps, station wagons and buses, both domestic and foreign vehicles, both young and old vehicles, from the dozens of major vehicle manufacturers. This report describes in detail what the tank size is for YOUR vehicle (when you order this manual, you must specify the specific make and model of your vehicle). While the vehicle database available to us appears to cover the great majority of vehicles made since the 1970s, if it does not cover your specific vehicle, we will refund your money. In addition to fuel tank size, if other information is available about YOUR gas tank, such as its dimensions, shape, the specific source of our data on your fuel tank, and/or the original manufacturer and/or replacement manufacturer (and the fuel tank model number or tank part numbers if also available), we will also include that information as well.
Words=4.0K (varies). Note: Because we are providing individual information, no refund is permitted. $19/vehicle (for 5 or more vehicles, price is $15/vehicle, and total S/H stays at $7 (U.S. and Canada) no matter how many reports and other publications we ship to you at the same time).

CURING AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION PROBLEMS: Our Ford F150 pickup truck with Overdrive was increasingly experiencing severe backwrenching and alarming bumping and bucking problems (some call them "thumping" and "hesitation" type problems), especially when we accelerated or decelerated. Apparently, transmission problems of this type is a common problem with Fords (especially Ford trucks and Ford vans), but they do affect other vehicles as well. We brought our truck into two transmission shops to be diagnosed. Both shops basically stated that the transmission was shot (bad sensors and a worn out clutch), it would have to be overhauled for about $1,500, and that there existed no other cure except for a tranny overhaul. If you have experienced similar symptoms, you probably got a similar diagnoses as we did. Before shelling out such big bucks, we first had to find out if there was a much cheaper way to solve this serious problem, so I both did extensive research on the Net and called around and talked at great lengths to several mechanics and auto parts store personnel. From all this, it became clear that there were several little-known methods that could be inexpensively and safely applied one at a time, starting with the cheapest (under $50), until the problem is eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level. None of these methods required tranny disassembly, working on the insides of the tranny or the services of a transmission shop. When combined together, all of these methods totalled about $200 and all can be performed either by a cheaper, regular mechanic and/or by an automechanically proficient vehicle owner. And that all or at least some of these methods are applicable to virtually every vehicle transmission (cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, minivans, jeeps, station wagons, buses) on the road today (Ford, Chevy and other General Motors, Chrysler and Dodge and DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Audi, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo transmissions, etc). After applying these methods, we found that our bumping and bucking problems dropped by 95+% in both frequency of occurrence and severity. That was 1,000s of miles ago - still no further known deterioration since and no further transmission-related work since. This manual describes in detail what we did. This is a short manual but it is loaded with info that might save YOU or a loved one big bucks. Note: This manual is simply based on my lay personal experience. We are not auto mechanics or transmission mechanics. We do not provide or sell any of the described products or services - they are available from many auto parts stores and auto shops. We cannot guarantee that any of these methods will work on your vehicle. We take no responsibility and we assume no liability to you or to anyone else for any claims resulting from the application of any of these methods or any combination of these methods. Consult with competent, reliable and honest auto mechanics in your area before applying any of these methods. words=3.0K. $29.

DATABASE SEARCH: We have access to an enormous (100+ GByte) survival and security database, primarily consists of hacker/phreaker text files, survivalism, security, and circuit designs (minimized for duplicate, outdated, irrelevant files). New files being added all the time. One-key search: $65 (non-refundable). Add $25 for each additional key ORed or ANDed. We will provide you up to one 3.5" HD disk and 5 printed pages of data. Each additional disk is $10, page is $2. Plus $5 S/H. We'll do our best but we can't guarantee finds.

NEED FOR SPEED: Was the "Escalanti Report." As a SPECIAL PROJECTS, we were hired to provide police radar expertise for a legal case involving an unfair police doppler radar speeding ticket. As part of the defense team to fight the doppler radar ticket, we did considerable research, and won. His radar ticket case was typical of the 1,000s that occur annually. Manual describes virtually every method used to defeat unfair radar tickets and speeding tickets, and with escalating insurance rates, this is one wrong that you definitely should prevent. words=8.3K. $14. ISBN: 0-934274-75-4

The ULTIMATE DRIVER: Manual describes 100+ tactical and strategic car and driving tips, including how to avoid car/driving-related criminals (e.g. carjackers, thieves, harassers), avoid and evade most accidents, effectively deal with "Road Rage," how to use "Stool Pigeons," how to properly react to accidents, roadside emergencies and police, avoid tickets, minimize insurance premiums and risk of loss, prepare for trips, and optimize routes and long-distance driving, optimize parking, more. words=19.9K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-80-0. Only $29 if purchased with "NEED FOR SPEED."

GARAGE SALES & FLEA MARKETS: Inflation eating you alive! Tired of throwing away your money on store profits? Need to obtain good but inexpensive items to sell on eBay? Wise garage sale and flea market shopping can routinely save you 50% - 90% over the costs of identical store items. And you can often find unique, rare, handmade, undiscovered treasures, collectibles, "obsolete" items, and foreign items not available in stores. Written by a shrewd, professional garage sale/flea market freak. Filled with tips. words=3.0K. $9.

The ULTIMO PET FEEDER: Unique dry food pet feeder designed for dogs, cats and many other animals. Easy to make from inexpensive commonly available materials. Easy to install. Keeps the food dry, free of insect and rodent infestation, and free from birds, and sheltered from rain and snow. words=2.1K. $9.

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3.5" Disks or CDROMs for Windows. Each selection is a (Acrobat) PDF file of about 1 MB in size, consisting of several .TXT, .HTM, et al ASCII Text files appended to each other. The combined compressed PDF file size is about half the total sizes of its ASCII files. We carefully sifted through our gigantic and growing private underground database (much of it NOT on the Net) and found the best files relating to the exciting topics of this webpage. Each PDF file is raw and mostly unedited content (substantial formatting editing is done to much improve readability); therefore there may be some inaccuracies, omissions, duplications. To preserve the rich and colorful expressions of some of the original authors, we mostly left intact those file parts which are crude. Most of this material is controversial (but applicable countermeasures are also usually included), and may require adult maturity. We take no responsibility for anything we publish, including file content. To read these PDF files requires Acrobat Reader 4.x or higher (Adobe Acrobat is standard software not provided by us). Once you’ve loaded a file, you can use the Acrobat Find feature to quickly search for keywords. NOTE: All Sales Final! - No Refunds on all D-2-D PURCHASES.

PRICES: 1 DISK $19, 2 DISKs $34, 3 DISKs $47, EACH ADD'L $13 EACH (for CDROM with jeweled case, add $2.50 for each CDROM you want files on)

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That's what you can make if you've got the highly-specialized knowledge and talent we're looking for, and want to help augment one of our current books/manuals or develop a completely new one! Send us your ideas/manuscripts, and if we like it, we'll contact you about acquiring publishing rights. Send in only controversial hi-tech survival subjects. Like most other publishers, we will not return any manuscripts or any other materials you send (retain your own copies). We will contact you in writing if we are interested. First read our Manuscript Policies.

Then send your manuscript with cover letter to:Consumertronics, P.O. Box 23097, Albuquerque, NM USA 87192.

POLICIES: All changes to offers and policies are included in our most recent (i.e. Current) Catalog Addendum or Flyer (if there is one less than 3 months old). If an offer or policy in our most recent (i.e. Current) Catalog conflicts with one in our Current Addendum/Flyer (less than 3 months old), rely upon the most recent of the two. This Catalog upon publication immediately supersedes all Catalogs published earlier. If there is any contradiction of policies between our policies found in our printed Catalog and our Online Catalog (i.e. policies.htm webpage), or there is any policy omission in our printed Catalog, the policies of our Online Catalog always apply and prevail. Offer descriptions and prices found on this webpage prevail over all others. If you have any questions about policies after reading all of policies.htm, please email (don't call) us with them (put "Policies Question" in Subject Line).

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Prefer to trade rather than buy our products and services? Short of cash? We are interested in buying, selling and trading electronic parts, hardware & test equipment, modern computer systems, peripherals & software, printing & publishing equipment, parts & supplies, books, small parts, et al - too numerous to list! For details of some of the items we are interested in, see our Items4Trade website:

We are also eBay Sellers. See "troodont" on eBay. We have about 500 items in our eBay Store, ranging from books to scientific devices.

ABOUT ESTIMATED WORD COUNTS ("words") : As a customer service, to provide our customers a good estimate of the amount of info in each of our books & manuals, we use Estimated Word Count (EWC), and not the usual page counts others may provide. Some publishers deceptively inflate page counts by grossly underfilling many of their pages - even counting blank pages! And while our pubs are mostly a comfortable 8.5"x11", page size of most books of others are less - 5"x7" being fairly typical (less than 1/3rd of our typical text area!). Clearly, a much more accurate estimate of content is word count. The simple format we use is: "words=xx.xK", where "xx.x" is the word count to its nearest 100 words (e.g. "words=9.8K" means, "Estimated word count of 9,800 words"). Most of our word counts result from a utility or plug-in provided by our desktop publishing program (e.g. Pagemaker). OUR EWCs ARE CONSERVATIVE: They do not include most words in graphics formats, expanded abbreviations and acronyms, disk text, index, ToC, cover page, and biblio., as applicable. We use "words=1.0+K"to mean an unestimated word count but known to exceed 1.0K (e.g. upcoming pubs). NOTE: We usually won't update EWCs for publication updates that change less than 10% in text, and large updates that delete much obsolete text may result in a better publication but with LESS words. Consumertronics sells information and does so comprehensively, concisely and precisely, with minimal BS and duplication. We try our best to provide you QUALITY information in detail - the biggest bang for your buck that we reasonably can. Thanks for selecting Consumertronics to meet your high-tech security and survival needs. - John J. Williams, M.S.E.E., publisher

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