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Welcome to Consumertronics books,manuals,disks,tutorials,services on miscellaneous topics: databases,driving,flea markets,garage sales,pet careWelcome to Consumertronics books,manuals,disks,tutorials,services on miscellaneous topics: databases,driving,flea markets,garage sales,pet care Welcome to Consumertronics books,manuals,disks,tutorials,services on miscellaneous topics: databases,driving,flea markets,garage sales,pet care
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HOW TO STOP GULF OIL LEAK & OTHER FLUID & GAS LEAKS: Neither the U.S. Government nor British Petroleum, nor any of the other involved corporations or governments, know how to quickly or completely stop the Gulf Oil Leak or any similar deep water leak. The result has been an absolute catastrophe! The U.S. Government, scientists and the newsmedia refuse to listen to practical solutions which will likely work, but only to Hollywood celebrities, celebrity scientists, Nobel Prize winners, and assorted self-promoting blowhards.
          Written by John Williams, who in 2001 solved "The Riddle of The Ages" - how The Great Pyramid of Egypt (Khufu's Pyramid) was built, by using a centrally-located hydraulic elevator, and published his discovery in his book, "THE WILLIAMS's HYDRAULIC METHOD TO CHEOPS's PYRAMID" book (Cheops is Greek for Khufu). "The Riddle of The Ages" stumped some of the greatest geniuses in history for 1,000 years - until John Williams solved it! The asinine theory most accepted even today by so-called pyramid experts is that The Great Pyramid of Giza was built using a 1-2 mile long ramp (480+ feet high), which would have required about 7 times more material than The Great Pyramid itself (do the math), and then would have had to be torn down after The Great Pyramid was finished!
          Then, in early 2005, John Williams responded to the devastating Dec. 2004 Indonesian Tsunami, which killed 300,000+ people, with his, "MITIGATE TSUNAMI DESTRUCTIVE FORCES" book, and his, "DETECT/MEASURE TSUNAMIS IN OPEN OCEAN" book. His tsunami mitigation systems inventions are designed to mitigate tsunami and other violent wave surge-caused damages, thereby saving 1,000s of lives. And as extra benefits, his tsunami inventions would have generated megawatts of electricity for coastal areas using them, provided greater coastal security from possible terrorist attacks, provided artificial reefs to increase sea life habitats, and provided anchor structures for piers and barrier reefs, and for inexpensive and portable means to detect and measure tsunamis in the open ocean that most ships can afford to carry. Yet, his creative and very practical tsunami invention ideas were ignored by the Government (NOAA, USGS) and major universities lavished with huge taxpayer grants from the Government to "study" tsunami mitigation solutions - 5+ years later and they still have not developed and implemented any practical tsunami mitigation solutions! Next major tsunami: 100,000s more will needlessly die! John Williams proved yet again with his tsunami mitigation inventions that he is one of the greatest creative and visionary scientific and engineering minds in 100+ years.
          Then again, in 2010, John Williams responded to the devastating BP Gulf Oil Leak with simple, effective, quick, inexpensive and practical inventions to stop the Gulf Oil Leak, which he details in this his, "HOW TO STOP GULF OIL LEAK & OTHER FLUID & GAS LEAKS". Yet, the Gulf Oil Leak continued for 3 months because Government bureaucrats refused to consider his solutions to stop the Gulf Leak. While cleaning up the oil is also required, stopping it is of paramount importance. The Gulf Oil Leak started April 20, 2010. John Williams invented his solutions for stopping it by April 29, and emailed just about everyone from President Obama down to relevant regional officials (governors, mayors, city managers, environmental agencies, etc.) of the various Gulf States and coastal cities since then - yet no one implemented any of his inventions, which would have taken no more than about two weeks to implement. Months have since passed, many of the Gulf beaches awashed in tar balls. In the afflicted areas, animals died, the environment is devastated, seafood and tourism industries crashed, and huge quantities of oil and methane gas energy resources were squandered! If the Exxon Valdez spill is a good example, the Gulf region may turn into a living hellhole for decades - even generations - to come! Simply because the oil becomes less visible over months and years does not mean that the oil mysteriously vanished and all is fine again. Oil is still there killing, damaging and contaminating - dissolved in toxic dispersants, settling onto the sea floor, and floating around in the middle. And when the next huge oil and gas leak occurs in the Gulf or elsewhere, the government and the responsible oil corporations will be as unprepared, dumbfounded and ineffective as they are now because they won't implement Williams's inventions to quickly and inexpensively stop oil, other fluids and gas leaks.
          Williams's invention ideas for stopping, or at least greatly reducing, the Gulf Oil Leak, as well as other difficult underwater and underground leaks of pipes and containers, are designed to effectively work at great water depths, pressures and turbulences, over a wide temperature range, with leaking pipes and containers of various materials, types, shapes, dimensions and wall thicknesses, even on pipes and containers which are bent, out-of-round, misshapen, dented, bulging, twisted and/or punctured, whether positioned vertically, horizontally or tilted at some angle in between. Williams's invention ideas will work for at least several weeks or months - if not permanently - until relief wells or some other fix can back it up. Williams's devices are relatively fast, easy and inexpensive to develop, test, produce and apply, and do not require exotic construction and application techniques, materials, tools or equipment, and can be built, tested, refined, modified, repaired and customized on land, and are relatively lightweight and portable.
          John Williams is one of the most creative and visionary scientific and engineering thinkers in 100+ years! SO WHY HAVE NOT ANY OF WILLIAMS's IDEAS ON STOPPING THE LEAK BEEN IMPLEMENTED!

           Illustrated. As with all offers, no intellectual rights of Consumertronics or the author are included. words=6.4K. $9.90.

MITIGATE TSUNAMI DESTRUCTIVE FORCES, PLUS: Designed to save thousands of lives! How to mitigate tsunami damage and mitigate storm surge damage with minimum negative effects on tourism and maximum positive effects on the local economy. As was clearly demonstrated on Dec. 26, 2004 at cost of about 300,000 lives and $ billions in damages from the Indian Ocean tsunami, little efforts have been made to protect coastal areas from tsunami or even storm surge attacks (also demonstrated was how grossly inadequate the Tsunami Warning System is).
           Today, in parts of Japan and elsewhere, ocean wave protection systems are largely limited to erecting only partially effective, extremely expensive, environmentally destructive, unsightly and obstructive high sea walls and dikes which disrupt the pristine natural beauty of the beaches, coasts and harbors, and drive away tourists, although they do save lives and property under certain tsunami conditions.
           My book describes, illustrates, explores and proposes relatively simple, small, inexpensive mechanical / electrical systems that minimize the destructive and violent surge forces of tsunamis and strong wind waves, while preserving and even augmenting the natural environment, and with other features that boost the industries, tourism, economy, ecology, security of the area while maintaining its pristine natural beauty. My system is designed to mitigate tsunami damages and mitigate storm surge damages (tsunami mitigation, storm surge mitigation), and as extra benefits, would have generated megawatts of electricity for these coastal areas, provided greater coastal security from possible terrorist attacks, provided artificial reefs to increase sea creature habitats, and provided anchor structures for piers and barrier reefs.

           Illustrated. As with all offers, no intellectual rights of Consumertronics or the author are included. See other tsunami book below, "DETECT/MEASURE TSUNAMIS IN OPEN OCEAN." words=10.1K. $39.

DETECT/MEASURE TSUNAMIS IN OPEN OCEAN: Designed to save thousands of lives! The current tsunami detection and warning system (The Tsunami Warning System) consists of complex, immobile, very expensive and highly structured detection and communications systems. The result was clearly demonstrated on Dec. 26, 2004 at cost of about 300,000 lives and $ billions in damages due to the Indian Ocean tsunami.
           Tsunamis are caused by underwater or coastal earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides and asteroid strikes. Huge underwater and coastal landslides resulting in deadly tsunamis can be triggered by even small earthquakes, volcanoes, underwater natural and manmade explosions, and even purportedly by global warming. Therefore, detecting and measuring earthquakes, while important to tsunami detection, are by themselves highly inadequate. Those facing tsunami dangers not only live near the Pacific Ocean where all the DART sensors are now located, but tsunamis can strike just about anywhere there is a substantial body of water, also including but not limited to the Indian Ocean (as the world has seen), the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, and big rivers, bays, other lakes and even reservoirs. Most Americans live within striking distance of tsunamis. If not quickly warned before a tsunami nears the shore, you may have only seconds or minutes to escape or face a violent and horrible death.
           Current tsunami detection and warning system leaves vast areas of the oceans unmonitored. It is limited to the Pacific Ocean, and it currently consists of 6 deep ocean sensors, 2 of which were recently and may still be broken (Aleutian Islands). The San Francisco Chronicle states about the current tsunami sensors (1/10/05): "Then there's the problem of tsunami-watching instruments that, like snoozing guard dogs, aren't working when they are needed."
           Current system is also extremely expensive. Each deep ocean sensor costs $2,500,000, requires $125,000 in annual maintenance, and has a life of two years, and is apparently structured to provide slow, inadequate and subjective warning responses to incoming tsunami waves that can travel 500+ mph in open ocean. Current system has a record of not warning about tsunamis that did occur, and falsely warning about tsunamis that did not occur (75% false alarm rate since 1975!). Asinine claims have even been made by proponents of this clearly defective, inadequate and very expensive current system that it is the only system that can possibly work to detect and measure tsunamis in open ocean waters!
           Book describes, illustrates, explores and proposes simple, small, inexpensive electronics monitoring devices that can be carried on aircraft or watercraft of virtually any kind and size and dropped into the water whenever and wherever a tsunami is suspected (as it is very difficult to visually detect tsunamis in open waters even on a clear day) - simple, cheap, effective methods to detect and measure tsunamis in open waters real time using relatively inexpensive, highly mobile, low-tech methods and devices, and without using permanent buoys - a true tsunami early warning system with global reach. Each device should cost a few $100s or $1000s - not $ millions - and my system can be deployed globally within a few months - not years or decades of more studies, planning and political bickering between nations - possibly saving thousands of lives!
           Illustrated. As with all offers, no intellectual rights of Consumertronics or the author are included. See other tsunami book above, "MITIGATE TSUNAMI DESTRUCTIVE FORCES, PLUS."
words=7.6K. $29.

CREATIVE DREAMING BY A PROVEN CREATIVE GENIUS: There are 1000s of dream creativity books, dream coaches, dream counselors, yogi masters, gurus, mystics, seers, oracles and other "dream experts" and "creativity experts." Fortunately, there is a very simple way to find the very few truly competent dream creativity experts. Just ask them: (1) “What are your professional qualifications in brain function which will convince me that you understand how the brain really functions and how it is controlled?” (the mere fact that a person has a MD or PhD degree does not prove that he knows diddly about brain function, brainwaves, dreams or creativity - we frequently run into these types), and, more importantly, (2) “If your method really works to produce great creativity, then what profound creative achievements have you personally done using YOUR method?” Many who know little or nothing about creative dreaming have relatively minor/moderate creative successes - no proof of great creative abilities. Only proof of earth-shaking creativity counts! The truth is that virtually none of the self-proclaimed dream creativity "experts" have or can prove even one case of an earth-shaking creativity by them! Most of them are just scammers and opportunists who regurgitate other "expert opinions" or studies, just guess at dream creativity, or invent unproven BS theories. Why let unproven fakes and frauds mess with your mind and waste your time when it comes to something as critical as dream creativity?
      John Williams, M.S.E.E. - proven creative genius - is the author of this astounding book on dream creativity. For decades, while working for, and since 2000 while working for Lone Star Consulting, Inc., Williams has done considerable research, design and development into mind control and improvised weapons and laboratory devices affecting brain functions. For, see the “Mind Control,” “Subliminal Mind Control,” “Electromagnetic Brainblaster,” and “Under Attack!” books. For Lone Star Consulting, Inc., see its “The Ultimo Brainwave Analysis & Biofeedback/Biocontrol Device,” “The Ultimo TDCS Brain Stimulator System,” “The Brain Signature Waveform Detector,” “The Subliminal Mixer/Amp,” “Scanners - The Device,” “The Ultimate Weapons & Lab Development System,” and “The Hypno Super-Sleeper” device types ( webpage) as his proof, as well as its “FREE Mind Control & Electronic Attack Tutorial,” linked from its ( webpage. As for proof of earth-shaking creative genius derived from his dream creativity method, Williams personally solved The “Riddle of the Ages” - how The Great Pyramid of Egypt (Khufu’s Pyramid) was built using a nearly centrally located hydraulic elevator ( when he experienced an epiphany (i.e. Eureka flash) while using his very dream creativity method he invented and detailed in his book.
      This Williams Dream Creativity book is not just for people who want to derive dreams so profound that they rival Williams's Great Pyramid theory or Watson's DNA theory or Howe's sewing machine design theory, but to also much help you solve the very difficult and even intractable problems and major decisions all of us face during our lifetimes. Some people say, "I never make a major decision until I sleep on it first." Now, with the Williams's Dream Creativity book, your major decisions should be much more focused, sharp and optimal than ever before.
      This Williams Dream Creativity book describes in detail Williams's dream creativity method step-by-step, related terms and concepts, why his method is far better than the others, great geniuses who experienced dream creativity epiphanies, dozen common myths relevant to dream creativity, the evolution of creative dreaming, common attributes of creative people, creative ways of thinking, similar creative dream states (alpha-theta states) and techniques and how they differ (e.g. transcendental meditation, hypnosis, hypnogogia, hypnopompia, out-of-body experience, false awakening), efficiency analysis and its importance to creativity, steps to apply the dream creativity, mind control and behavioral modification attributes of Williams's dream creativity method, and how to clear the mind from restless, intrusive and racing thoughts and induce restful sleep fast, safely and easily using materials common in the home and do not involve any drugs (great for insomnia sufferers!). Optimize your creativity, intelligence and innovation today.
words=15.1K. $29.

The WILLIAMS's HYDRAULIC THEORY TO CHEOPS's PYRAMID: Finally, the Riddle of the Ages is now solved - how Khufu's Pyramid was built! This is not some bogus, half-baked theory on Khufu's Pyramid but one so serious that the legendary Zahi Hawass himself ordered this manual! Far more reasonable than any of the Ramp (would have required about 7 times more material than the Pyramid itself), and other theories: Illustrated, detailed and comprehensive. After you return here from this page, you'll definitely want to order this great heavily illustrated manual. words=25.1K. $29. ISBN 0-934274-96-7.

     Also, please visit our eye-popping webpages on The "Williams Petradox" - a rock with an embedded manmade-like component. Is it of alien/UFO origin? From a lost advanced civilization? Dozens of clear photos (most microscopic) - including X-rays and ultraviolet! (and

HOW TO DO BUMPER STICKERS, SIGNS & DECALS: Bumper stickers are one of the few remaining effective ways that most people have to freely and publicly express their opinions without being censored by any publisher, editor, producer, host or author! Manual describes commonly available materials and techniques you can use to quickly, easily, cheaply make your high-quality professional-looking bumper stickers, signs (including business signs, for sale signs, political signs, protest signs, direction signs, missing person signs, missing pet signs), decals, address labels, shipping labels, logos, banners, bands, invitations, business cards, decorations, plastic jewelry, other crafts, works of art (artworks), photo media (beats photo paper and is much cheaper!), CD labels and DVD labels (tested on two CDROMs), disk labels (floppy diskette labels), file labels (filing system labels), message postings, bulletin board postings, display labels, sales labels, price labels, warning labels, business project labels, science project labels, school project labels, tool labels, equipment labels, instrumentation panel labels, etc for both exterior and interior uses - virtually unlimited uses! Commercial bumper sticker/sign/decal kits can cost $100s - even on eBay. And the materials they sell are often for an outrageous $1+ per letter-size sheet + S/H + your delivery wait, when quality self-sticking vinyl plastic materials are commonly available for much less. If you have and know how to use your laser or inkjet printer (and your printer will print on common cardstock and plastic transparencies (e.g. for overhead projections)), and any one of a number of very fine Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Autodesk, Macromedia, Ulead, etc paint, drawing (including CAD), photo processing, desktop publishing, webpage design/website design computer programs (e.g. PhotoShop, PaintShop Pro, Illustrator, Word, WordPerfect, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Corel Draw, AutoCAD, PhotoImpact, PrintShop, FrontPage, Art Dabbler, PhotoStyler, PhotoPaint, Publisher, PageMill, PhotoSuite, Freehand, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver), you can quickly/easily/cheaply make your own bumper stickers, signs, decals, crafts, etc with messages and images to YOUR likings, and without depending on anyone else! No silkscreening or other expensive method is required. Also includes a section on how to quickly and easily remove stickers on metal and glass. Note: Printer, software, tools (e.g. scissors, tape) and materials are not included. Manual is not a tutorial on any computer, printer or software, but comprehensively covers common and inexpensive, high quality vinyl plastic materials for making them (including transparent vinyl materials that can also be used for many lamination purposes - much cheaper than office supply store lamination sheets), tips on how to prepare your materials to be printer-friendly and on how to do high-quality printouts, and tips on how to preserve your sticker/sign/decal for long lasting exterior uses. Words=6.1K. $19.

CUSTOM MAKE V-BLOCKS CHEAP & EASY: V-Blocks are invaluable tools, mostly used by mechanics and machinists, but with many other uses. Most V-Blocks are made to securely hold round pipes, tubes, rods, hoses, cables, and other round stock or parts to be drilled, cut, ground, milled, punched, reamed, polished, welded, brazed, soldered, sculptured, painted, decorated, etc. so that these operations can be done very steadily and precisely. Doing these same operations by dangling the stock or other object off of the end of a vise or clamp generally leads to much cruder results as the worked-on object will likely vibrate or bend some and more likely even slip or be marred while being worked on. V-Blocks are not limited to holding and securing round objects. Square and rectangular stock and other objects can also be used, depending on the intended operation. And odd-shaped objects can be used as well - just as long as they fit and are secured onto the V-Block. We have even used V-Blocks to mount small motors. While securing stock and other objects for machining operations is the most common uses of V-Blocks, V-Blocks have many other practical uses, for examples, for displays of collectibles or items for sale, holding ice cores and rock cores, working on fossils, rocks and minerals, holding sports equipment (e.g. baseball bats, fishing rods), holding motors and generators, for storage containers, for book and magazine holders, for holding, positioning and guiding sliding or rotating rods, pipes, tubes, hoses, cables, shafts and tools, and as troughs. And a V-Block inverted-mounted on top of another V-Block to form a square tube can serve as a sturdy container, guide or bushing.
Commercial V-Blocks are milled out of hard steel using ultra costly milling machines, are considered to be precision tools, don't come in many variations, and are very costly (not good in these harder economic times). Custom making your own V-Blocks is a great idea because you can make V-Blocks which best suit YOUR particular V-Block needs. This manual describes fast, easy and cheap methods to fabricate V-Blocks (also referred to as "Vee Blocks"), as well as W-Blocks (also referred to as "Wee Blocks") and X-Blocks, which do NOT require a milling machine. The only material cutting tool required is one which will cut the materials you choose for your V-Blocks, usually a bandsaw or hacksaw. Both W-Blocks and X-Blocks are essentially multiple V-Bocks, all being collectively referred to as V-Blocks, so our same methods easily apply to W-Blocks and X-Blocks as well (a W-Block is a V-Block with two "V" notches on at least one side, a X-Block is a 4-sided V-block with a "X" cross-section). And don't sweat trying to buy V-Block clamps - our manual describes 3 other common tool types which are usually much cheaper and commonly available than commercial V-Block clamps for both your custom made and store-bought V-Blocks. While V-Blocks are almost always made of iron or aluminum (or some alloy of either), our methods do not limit possible materials to iron and aluminum and alloys of either; in fact V-Blocks can also be made from brass, copper, nickel, bronze, plastic, wood, cardboard, compressed paper, ceramic, etc. using our methods described in this manual. Manual is illustrated with lots of tips.
Words=5.1K. $29.

HEAT SHRINK TUBING TIPS: Heat shrink tubing is a very versatile and useful material which solves many shop, household and business problems and addresses many situations. One of the most important features of this do-it-yourself manual is its information on how to easily and inexpensively convert cheap nonadhesive heat shrink tubing into expensive adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing. Also included are dozens of other great tips and recommendations on how to more easily, quickly and effectively apply heat shrink tubing. Some of the countless and important uses of heatshrink tubing are: (A) Covering wood, metal, plastic and ceramic handles and similar objects to improve grip feel and increase girth, (B) Adding strength to objects, (C) Repairing damaged, broken and frayed objects, (D) Reinforcing object areas most subject to scuffing, mechanical forces and water or chemicals, (D) Protect and strengthen electrical connections, (E) Providing electrical insulation and/or thermal insulation, (F) Stabilizing and securing loose mechanical parts, (G) Joining or binding multiple wires, tubes, rods and other objects together, (H) Tamperproofing objects. While heatshrink tubing is popularly used in electronics, automotive repair/upgrade, crafts, construction industry, plumbing, gardening and metal shops, it also finds countless uses for general household and business uses and home garages as an important material for repairing, enhancing, insulating, joining and constructing objects. Words=9.3K. $29.

2024 LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. CATALOG: Lone Star Consulting, Inc. ( is famous (or infamous) for it many customized devices, especially in the areas of electronic harassment, electronic attack and mind control. Lone Star Consulting, Inc. is also well known for its pioneering electronic devices relevant to radionics and biomedical/bioelectrical, energy and energy metering, personal security and survival, communications, magnetism, static electricity, microwaves and radar, ultrasonics, infrasonics, audio, infrared and ultraviolet light, lightning, and other experimental devices, many of which are weird and wacky, and for its invention prototyping services.
          The Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Catalog is on CDROM mailed to the Buyer (not emailed as an attachment or downloaded). This Catalog is a compilation of all of Lone Star Consulting, Inc.'s Online webpages. NOTE: The Lone Star Consulting, Inc. Catalog on 1G Flash Drive (no images of its many offers, images may be found elsewhere Online). $39.

2024 ABQ TECHZONICS CATALOG: ABQ Techzonics ( is most renowned for its huge selection of electronic parts - integrated circuits (ICs), transistors, rectifiers/diodes, thyristors, inductors (coils), capacitors, resistors, potentiometers (pots), sensors/probes, switches, connectors and sockets, displays, speakers and sounders, antennas, relays, actuators, varistors, surge suppressors, heatsinks, electronic heaters, oscillators, wires, cables, etc., many of which are also advertised on eBay through Consumertronics. ABQ Techzonics is also well known for its wide range of electronic test equipment, electrical devices, handtools, power tools, laboratory devices, mechanical devices, pressurized devices, personal security devices and survival devices, hardware, special materials, unusual and strange devices, books and manuals, and collectibles of all types, including antique tools, electronics and machines to art, crafts, toys, cars, weapons, sports, jewelry, cultural, unusual, weird, etc.
          The ABQ Techzonics Catalog is on CDROM mailed to the Buyer (not emailed as an attachment or downloaded). This Catalog is a compilation of all of ABQ Techzonics Online webpages. NOTE: The ABQ Techzonics Catalog on 1G Flash Drive (no images of its many offers, images may be found elsewhere Online). $39.

DATABASE SEARCH: We have access to an enormous (100+ GByte) high-tech security and survival database, primarily consisting of hacker/phreaker text files, survival, security, and circuit designs (minimized for duplicate, outdated, irrelevant files). New high-tech survival and security files being added all the time. One-key search: $65 (non-refundable). Add $25 for each additional key ORed or ANDed. We will provide you up to one 3.5" HD disk and 5 printed pages of data. Each additional disk is $10, page is $2. Plus $5 S/H. We'll do our best but we can't guarantee finds.

GARAGE SALES & FLEA MARKETS: Inflation eating you alive! Tired of throwing away your money on store profits? Need to obtain good but inexpensive items to sell on eBay? Wise garage sale and flea market shopping can routinely save you 50% - 90% over the costs of identical store items. And you can often find unique, rare, handmade, undiscovered treasures, collectibles, "obsolete" items, and foreign items not available in stores. Written by a shrewd, professional garage sale/flea market freak. Filled with tips. Words=3.0K. $9.

The ULTIMO PET FEEDER: Unique dry food pet feeder designed for dogs, cats and many other animals. Easy to make from inexpensive commonly available materials. Easy to install. Keeps the food dry, free of insect and rodent infestation, and free from birds, and sheltered from rain and snow. Words=2.1K. $9.

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HARDWARE & SPECIAL SERVICES (for legal educational and/or entertainment purposes only)! Our exciting books and manuals are described on our Online Catalog webpage: Many of these include comprehensive circuit diagrams and functional descriptions. We designed and built here almost all of these circuits (and many, many more), and sold them as our Off-the-Shelf Hardware and Special Projects. We no longer sell functional hardware that we make. We do sell nonfunctional hardware of what we used to make - mostly electronic ( strictly as salvage: (LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAINING! - once sold there will be no more! - buy all you need as soon as possible - before they are all forever gone!), and also strictly as very realistically-looking models, mockups, replicas and novelties as SPECIAL PROJECTS: NOTE: For salvage and SP hardware, while priced very low compared to the original functional versions, we provide no guarantees, support, user manuals, schematics, batteries or refunds (Special Projects also does consulting and research services).
         HARDWARE SALES: We also sell functional hardware which others make as surplus and salvage: For comprehensive list of 10,000s of item types we Sell, Buy and Trade for (including in exchange for our popular books and manuals), see our popular: ABQ-Techzonics - 1,000,000 integrated circuits (ICs) + 1,000,000 other small electronic parts + plus electronic test equipment + many other high-tech electronic and non-electronic Items.
        LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. (7250 N. Mesa, Suite C, PMB 70, El Paso, TX 79912, 915-474-0334, makes customized device types much closer than any other company we know of to the popular and exciting functional device types we used to make and sell as Special Projects and Off-the-Shelf Hardware - plus many other device types - plus extensive invention prototyping and invention consulting services - plus they also sell Historical Diagrams for many controversial device types! Their device types are described at ==> LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. NOTE: We are not LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. Neither one owns the other, is a subsidiary of the other, or is responsible for the other. Should you wish to do business with Lone Star Consulting, Inc., please contact them DIRECTLY as you would any other business (as with all purchases one makes, you should check out all available sources for items of interest). Furthermore, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has an excellent free tutorial on mind control and electronic attacks (if you go to it, please return here): FREE MIND CONTROL /ELECTRONIC ATTACK TUTORIAL. As policy, we never recommend or endorse for or against any other company, product or service - even if you find a link for it on our webpages. (Our privacy and other policies are at:
       OTHER SPECIAL SERVICES: NO AC ADAPTER EQUIPMENT RESCUE: Lost or broken AC Power Adapter to your valuable equipment too hard to replace? We have 100s of AC adapters, and may be able to help: INTERNET AUCTION SERVICES: We also offer Net Auction/Sales Services (eBay,, Craigslist, ABQ-Techzonics, etc.) for your stuff that you don't need so much any more but are just too busy to sell yourself: HOME/OFFICE TUTORING SERVICES: We also offer home and office tutoring services (Albuquerque, NM only): PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISALS: We also offer Professional Property Appraisal Services (non-Real Estate): COMPUTER SERVICING: Need to get your computer or software repaired, installed, modified, upgraded, updated, tuned-up, or lost data retrieved? Computer damaged by or inflicted with viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware/spyware, popups, other malware, and/or spam? Let us computer geeks confidentially service your computer hardware and software needs: LEGAL RESEARCH SERVICES: Need/interested in being educated about civil or criminal legal topics important to you? Let us provide you relatively very low cost legal research. John Williams is an experienced lay litigant (District Court + Appeals Court), lecturer of "pro se" law, and a prolific legal researcher, legal author and legal publisher of legal books (we are not licensed attorneys and we don't offer legal advice, legal opinion or legal claims; New Mexico residents only):

Prefer to trade rather than buy our products and services? Have items you no longer need but we do? Short of cash? We are interested in trading and buying (and also selling) numerous electronic parts, electronic test equipment, hardware, modern computer systems, computer peripherals, software, printing / publishing equipment / parts / supplies, books, small parts, scientific equipment, industrial equipment, commercial equipment, et al - too numerous to list here! For details of some of the items we are interested in trading for or buying from you that can eliminate or much reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for, see our items4trade.htm website, CLICK HERE =>
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