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HIGH VOLTAGE DEVICES: High Voltage Device plans for: Stun Guns, Tasers, Prods, Canes, Umbrellas and Palm Zappers; RF/Radar/Audio Jammers; Flashers, Blasters and Strobes; Jacob's Ladder, Plasma and Van de Graaff Generators; Fence Chargers; Geiger Counters; Ozone Purifiers; Fish Stunners; Worm Flushers; Bug, Pest and Small Game Zappers; Plant Stimulators; Kirlians; Phone Bug Zappers; Magnetizers; etc. Great for weapons, electronic harassment devices, mind control devices, and science projects! Dozens of schematics, illustrations and tables. Has many money and timesaving tips, and lists parts suppliers. Our plans show powerful innovations found nowhere else! For example, our TIGER PAWS stun gun has 10 times the stopping power of legally sold stun guns! The ultimate set of plans on HV devices. Comprehensive. Shocking! words=19.4K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-13-4

SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE FREQUENCIES: Are you being bugged, tapped, or monitored? S+S frequencies vary from DC to X-ray. However, because of the cost and availabilities of equipment, the laws of physics, and factors relating to certain specific applications, frequencies and bands are commonly used while others are used only rarely. Arm yourself with the knowledge of where these frequencies and bands are located and techniques used to detect them. Words=2.7K. $15. ISBN: 0-934274-70-3

SECRET & SURVIVAL RADIO: SSR is a comprehensive manual on little known and secret frequencies; hidden, scrambled and encrypted RF commo plans and methods; and optimum RF frequencies, modes and circuits for survival and security. Includes bugs, taps, small mikes, transmitters and receivers; ultrasonic, fiber-optic and infrared commo; and optimizing antennas for many RF uses. 70+ circuits. Words=25.3K. $24. ISBN: 0-934274-23-1

Beyond VAN ECK TEMPEST: Eavesdropping on computer monitor and TV CRT video signals using an ordinary TV and a specially-designed sync circuit described in detail! Ranges up to 1 KM! Topics include: Electromagnetic Interference, Video Signal Component, benefits, suitable receivers, reception obstacles, Van Eck Displays, how it works, computer monitor eavesdropping vs TV eavesdropping, much more! Includes plans we developed here at Consumertronics and VAN ECK'S TOP SECRET PLANS! The authority on TEMPEST technology! Includes tempest ramifications, tempest countermeasures, and legal tempest uses. Plus satellite-linked phone call vulnerability to TVRO! words=14.9K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-33-9.

VAN ECK DEMO TAPE: Check out how our original Van Eck System can be used to remotely monitor computer video displays (from their EM emanations) using a TV or multisync monitor and the very special SYNREST device described in BVEP. This 15 minute DVD+R or VHS video shows you our Multisync Van Eck system in action. The system shown is ideal for monitoring high-resolution VGA monitors, SVGA monitors, etc. Shows you our proprietary SYNREST II Module (with built-in microwave amp, tuner and Williams' NTSC-to-RGB Converter). Absolutely required by all who are serious about TEMPEST systems! This narrated demo of the WVES clearly shows how incredibly well the WVES works! DVD+R disk or VHS tape format, 15 min. $29.

STOPPING POWER METERS : Our all-time best seller - as demonstrated by on CBS "60 MINUTES"! Exciting 7th Edition completely rewritten! Jam-packed with vivid details on how ELECTRIC POWER METERS and ELECTRIC ENERGY METERS work, why they are usually in error, and their vulnerabilities. Energy and power meters are NOT scientific instruments, nor typically frequently calibrated, nor maintained, nor operated under rigidly controlled laboratory conditions, but are often in error that exceeds 10%. Maximum kilowatt-hour meter accuracy is specified by the IEC61036 Electrical Standard (under worse case conditions, cumulative permitted meter errors can be up to a calculated 8.5% due to nominal error + reactive load error + voltage variation error + frequency variation error + low-current error + self-heating error); in addition, temperature variations of up to 0.15%/ K (or C) are permitted (in an area that varies 50 C from Summer to Winter this temperature variation in meter registration can be as high as 7.5% for a total maximum possible meter registration error of 16%, and on hot days, the insides of an outdoor meter can be far hotter than ambient temperature!). Apparently not even considered in the Standard are energy meter errors due to abnormal or even normal energy meter aging, mechanical shock and vibration (walls where meters are often mounted tend to act as sounding boards), nearby lightning strikes and other induced transients, power spikes and power surges, radiation exposure (e.g. Sun's radiation, ground radiation), and humidity (if meter is not 100% hermetically sealed).
           When your electric bill was $40/month, a $6.40/month error (if 16% meter error) may not have been much to you, but today, many people and businesses are paying $400+/month utility bills (and still climbing!) - in which case, such meter error amounts to a whopping $64+/month or $768+/year difference in what you should be paying if your meter was 100% accurate! Today, many cannot accept even a 5% error in their electric bills.
           "Stopping Power Meters" describes (with many schematics) ten inside load methods used to stop or slow down electric energy meters without modifying or bypassing the electric meter (that have been experimented with to demonstrate electric meter errors and vulnerabilities), and without using another power source or decreasing the load. Great for science projects and electrical engineering research, for gaining understanding on how electric meters work, and for how using more or less electric energy impacts meter accuracies! Also describes pole meters, meter creep, and overload droop. With circuit diagrams and other figures. Includes the infamous MAGNO-BRAKE TECHNIQUE. Much more info than any related manual. By the infamous inventor of the Stopping Power Meters Educational Module (SPMEM).
Words=11.6K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-52-5

HEAT SHRINK TUBING TIPS: Heat shrink tubing is a very versatile and useful material which solves many shop, household and business problems and addresses many situations. One of the most important features of this do-it-yourself manual is its information on how to easily and inexpensively convert cheap nonadhesive heat shrink tubing into expensive adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing. Also included are dozens of other great tips and recommendations on how to more easily, quickly and effectively apply heat shrink tubing. Some of the countless and important uses of heatshrink tubing are: (A) Covering wood, metal, plastic and ceramic handles and similar objects to improve grip feel and increase girth, (B) Adding strength to objects, (C) Repairing damaged, broken and frayed objects, (D) Reinforcing object areas most subject to scuffing, mechanical forces and water or chemicals, (D) Protect and strengthen electrical connections, (E) Providing electrical insulation and/or thermal insulation, (F) Stabilizing and securing loose mechanical parts, (G) Joining or binding multiple wires, tubes, rods and other objects together, (H) Tamperproofing objects. While heatshrink tubing is popularly used in electronics, automotive repair/upgrade, crafts, construction industry, plumbing, gardening and metal shops, it also finds countless uses for general household and business uses and home garages as an important material for repairing, enhancing, insulating, joining and constructing objects. Words=9.3K. $29.

THE WIRELESS EXPERIMENTERS MANUAL: By Elmer E. Bucher. Published by Wireless Press Inc., New York, 1920. This incredible hard cover radio design book is 340 pages (plus Appendix, a table and old ads in the back), with about 300 eye-popping circuit diagrams and photos. I find no markings on it or missing pages.

This rare radio engineering book is filled with mostly Marconi Co. radio, antenna and radio station designs, and goes into great detail not only about radio theory but practical radio design applications. This nearly antique book is a great source for tons of info on how to design and make working radio transmitters and radio receivers using simple materials - ideal for survival and improvised radio enthusiasts. Includes the construction of various antennas (aerials and masts), tuners, radio coils, transformers, condensers (capacitors), spark gaps, and RF meters. And it has very nice treatments on the design of direction finding antenna systems, and also static eliminators. And it includes tables. This radio book is also ideal for those who tinker with, repair or restore vintage radios, antique radios, other vintage electronics and antique electronics. The figures are absolutely eye-popping!

This sale is for a copy of the original book (NOTE: We will also sell copies its chapters: $9 ea. Chaps. I, II, V, X, XIII, XIV, Index, Appendix, Ads; $19 ea. Chaps. VIII, IX, XI; $29 ea. Chaps. III, IV, VI, VII, XII).

Chapter titles:
       CHAPTER III: ELEMENTARY PRINCIPLES OF THE RADIO TRANSMITTER - Elementary Theory of Design - Inductance Computations - Transformer Design - The Theory of Spark Dischargers, p. 19-89
       CHAPTER IV: CONSTRUCTIONAL DETAILS OF AMATEUR WIRELESS TRANSMITTERS - Panel and Isolated Types - Buzzer Transmitters, p. 90-151
       CHAPTER VI: RECEIVING TUNERS AND OSCILLATION DETECTORS - General Theory of Operation - Preferred Circuits - General Details of Construction, p. 160-202
       CHAPTER VII: THE VACUUM TUBE DETECTOR AND AMPLIFIER - Circuits for Detection of Damped and Undamped Waves - Characteristics of the Marconi V.T. Detector - Preferred Circuits for the Marconi Valve, p. 203-241
       CHAPTER VIII: UNDAMPED WAVE RECEIVERS - Autodyne and Heterodyne Circuits - Preferred Circuits - Rotary Condenser, p. 242-261
       CHAPTER IX: UNDAMPED WAVE TRANSMITTERS - Wireless Telephone Transmitters - Modulation Circuits - Combined Damped and Undamped Wave Bulb Sets, p. 262-280
       CHAPTER XI: DESIGN OF WAVEMETERS - Tuning the Amateur's Transmitter - Measurements of Inductance - Measurement of Capacitance and High Frequency Resistance - General Radio Measurements, p. 289-310
       CHAPTER XII: CLOSED COIL AERIALS - Directive Transmitters and Receivers - Construction of a Direction Finder, p. 311-326
       CHAPTER XIII: WEAGANT STATIC ELIMINATOR - Underground Aerials, p. 327-334
       CHAPTER XIV: LONG DISTANCE RELAYS BY RADIO - Wave Length of High Power Stations - General Information Regarding Installation, p. 335-337
       Index, p. 338-340
       Appendix, Table, p. 341-350
       Old Radio Print Ads, last 6 pages

To minimize handling of this rare RF book, I will not search through it for particular info. No returns or refunds.
340 page, $79.

ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAINBLASTER: Plans for powerful EM Weapons and Lab Devices. Includes brainwaves and EEGs; behavioral conditioning, mind control, brainwashing, entrainment and dreamscaping; physiological, psychological, and neurological effects of EMBBs; brain anatomy and physiology, positive stimulations (e.g. calming, healing, pleasure centers, arousal, automatic learning, et al); stimulation techniques; optimizing waveform, frequency, modulation, duty cycle and other factors; biologic electrical/ magnetic properties, et al. Dozens of photos and illustrations. Words=30.1K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-05-3

RADIONICS MANUAL: "Could revolutionize medicine" (ABC "20/20", "BODY ELECTRIC"). History, descriptions, plans (dozens of circuits), availability of RADIONICS DEVICES from early tube-type to state-of-the-art. Includes 6TH. SENSE COMMUNICATOR, CEREBRAL SYNCHRONIZER, LAVHOVSKY MWO - many more! Radionic devices are used to diagnose, treat and prevent disease and injury. Why be ripped-off any more by the traditional medical and pharmaceutical clique! Painless and non-invasive - many can even be used while asleep. Electricity costs pennies - drugs cost $1,000s! words=14.1K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-22-3

HEAL THYSELF! : Many EM devices are well-established as effective means of therapy and healing, and are now licensed by the FDA. To LEASE these commercial devices requires an attending physician and $3,000+ per therapy! HT provides the detailed plans for 3 different such device types so that you can build them for about $50 each and use them yourself for pennies per day! Also described are: Cardiac Pacemakers, Phrenic Nerve Stimulators, Defibrillators, Pain Killers, Sight and Hearing Restorers; detailed description of osteogenesis; how EM healing works. Extra sections on natural body electricity, wound healing, MEG devices, magnetic necklaces, orthodontic devices, mind control, automatic learning, etc. words=11.0K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-06-1

While "HEAL THYSELF!" primarily covers FDA-approved type medical devices, "RADIONICS MANUAL" primarily covers non-approved, experimental and visionary devices. Both for only $39!

The "SILKWOOD": The SILKWOOD may mean the difference between life and death and agonizing disease! It detects x-rays and gamma rays, and alpha particles and beta particles. Consider these advantages over others:

Have you been SILKWOODed at your job? Is your home radiating from radon gas? Your children's schools and playgrounds? Unexplained clustering of neighborhood/job illnesses known to be caused by radiation? You MUST be able to determine what things are safe to live in, use and consume. Plans. Words=4.1K. $12.

SIMPLE, CHEAP SECURITY ELECTRONICS: How Motion-Activated Flood Lamps (MAFLs) work and can be modified for many other uses. Details dozens of ways to use common $10-$20, generally ultrasonic, MAFLs to improve your safety and security. Includes circuits for adding alarms, indoor uses, and how to use them to control heaters, fans, appliances, and other electronics. And how to use them with other common, cheap electronic security devices. Words=7.2K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-71-1

SECRETS OF SOLDERLESS BREADBOARDS: Solderless breadboards suffer from much prejudice from designers who don't know how to use them properly or optimally, and especially from those who have a financial stake in the huge PC Board industry and large circuit manufacturers (and their lackeys, such as the New Mexico AG who claims to prosecute people for selling SB circuits - 100+ highly toxic waste dumps in northern New Mexico alone!) who can afford elaborate operations and don't want competition from small-quantity and custom circuit providers. Not just for experimental breadboardings, SBs are also great for final-design temporary and permanent circuits of virtually all types up to about 50 MHz and 10 amps, for example, its popular uses in robotics and school science projects. In fact, JameCo Electronics sells a SB rated at 100 MHz. Save your health and the environment! SBs don't require toxic chemicals to process the boards that expose people and animals to poisons and permanently damage the environment to process as do PC Boards (according to the EPA). And with SBs, you do a minimum amount of soldering thus exposing yourself and others to far less solder fumes and deposits than PC boards. Comprehensive and detailed manual. Numerous tips. Words=28.0K. $29. ISBN: 0-934274-72-X

The "GOLDFINGER": Circuit diagrams for a metal detector that detects Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper and Aluminum objects and minerals - rejects ferromagnetic objects. The Goldfinger is designed to highly discriminate between non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals. It uses only two ICs. All parts cost about $50. Detection in soil is possible to greater than about one foot. Fascinating principles, design. Includes much more info on frequencies, search coil technology and other metal detector types. Words=8.1K. $19. ISBN: 0-934274-88-6

COMPREHENSIVE CONNECTOR PIN-OUTS: Connectivity is critical for most electronics! We have the information on 100s of connector pin-outs relating to both newer type equipment and obsolete equipment. Describe to us the name of your connector of interest and its use and/or its physical description, or mail, fax or email us an image attachment of the connector and what it is connected to (.jpg or .gif file only - NOT as a .doc file). Once your payment clears, I will then email you the pin-out and other available descriptive data of the connector, its wiring and its uses.

$19 for one connector pin-out data, $14 for each additional connector pin-out data ordered and paid for at the same time. 100% refundable if we cannot locate the connector's pin-out at the minimum, else non-refundable. Note that while to the best of our knowledge all of the connector information we have is 100% correct, we assume no liability for any errors or omissions. Email all questions - please do not call. We will not check our connector database until after payment clears.

The POOR MAN'S SUPER LASER: Ruby rod laser plans. Used in intrusion systems, weapons targeting, precise optical alignments, distance and dimensions finding, seismography, signaling and commo, strobes, holography, science projects, police laser radar (Lidar), reproducing old, damaged and broken recordings, etc. Exciting and illuminating! words=3.0K. $12.

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Disks are 3.5" PC Windows format, and each has a (Acrobat) PDF file of about 1 MB in size, consisting of several .TXT, .HTM, et al ASCII Text files appended to each other. The combined compressed PDF file size is about half the total sizes of its ASCII files. We carefully sifted through our gigantic and growing private underground database (much of it NOT on the Net) and found the best files relating to the exciting topics of this webpage. Each PDF file is raw and mostly unedited content (substantial formatting editing is done to much improve readability); therefore there may be some inaccuracies, omissions, duplications. To preserve the rich and colorful expressions of some of the original authors, we mostly left intact those file parts which are crude. Most of this material is controversial (but applicable countermeasures are also usually included), and may require adult maturity. We take no responsibility for anything we publish, including file content. To read these PDF files requires Acrobat Reader 4.x or higher (Adobe Acrobat is standard software not provided by us). Once youve loaded a file, you can use the Acrobat Find feature to quickly search for keywords. NOTE: All Sales Final! - No Refunds on all D-2-D PURCHASES.

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HARDWARE & SPECIAL SERVICES (for legal educational and/or entertainment purposes only)! Our exciting books and manuals are described on our Online Catalog webpage: Many of these include comprehensive circuit diagrams and functional descriptions. We designed and built here almost all of these circuits (and many, many more), and sold them as our Off-the-Shelf Hardware and Special Projects. We no longer sell functional hardware that we make. We do sell nonfunctional hardware of what we used to make - mostly electronic ( strictly as salvage: (LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAINING! - once sold there will be no more! - buy all you need as soon as possible - before they are all forever gone!), and also strictly as very realistically-looking models, mockups, replicas and novelties as SPECIAL PROJECTS: NOTE: For salvage and SP hardware, while priced very low compared to the original functional versions, we provide no guarantees, support, user manuals, schematics, batteries or refunds (Special Projects also does consulting and research services).
         HARDWARE SALES: We also sell functional hardware which others make as surplus and salvage: For comprehensive list of 10,000s of item types we Sell, Buy and Trade for (including in exchange for our popular books and manuals), see our popular: ABQ-Techzonics - 1,000,000 integrated circuits (ICs) + 1,000,000 other small electronic parts + plus electronic test equipment + many other high-tech electronic and non-electronic Items.
        LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. (7250 N. Mesa, Suite C, PMB 70, El Paso, TX 79912, 915-474-0334, makes customized device types much closer than any other company we know of to the popular and exciting functional device types we used to make and sell as Special Projects and Off-the-Shelf Hardware - plus many other device types - plus extensive invention prototyping and invention consulting services - plus they also sell Historical Diagrams for many controversial device types! Their device types are described at ==> LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. NOTE: We are not LONE STAR CONSULTING, INC. Neither one owns the other, is a subsidiary of the other, or is responsible for the other. Should you wish to do business with Lone Star Consulting, Inc., please contact them DIRECTLY as you would any other business (as with all purchases one makes, you should check out all available sources for items of interest). Furthermore, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. has an excellent free tutorial on mind control and electronic attacks (if you go to it, please return here): FREE MIND CONTROL /ELECTRONIC ATTACK TUTORIAL. As policy, we never recommend or endorse for or against any other company, product or service - even if you find a link for it on our webpages. (Our privacy and other policies are at:
       OTHER SPECIAL SERVICES: NO AC ADAPTER EQUIPMENT RESCUE: Lost or broken AC Power Adapter to your valuable equipment too hard to replace? We have 100s of AC adapters, and may be able to help: INTERNET AUCTION SERVICES: We also offer Net Auction/Sales Services (eBay,, Craigslist, ABQ-Techzonics, etc.) for your stuff that you don't need so much any more but are just too busy to sell yourself: HOME/OFFICE TUTORING SERVICES: We also offer home and office tutoring services (Albuquerque, NM only): PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISALS: We also offer Professional Property Appraisal Services (non-Real Estate): COMPUTER SERVICING: Need to get your computer or software repaired, installed, modified, upgraded, updated, tuned-up, or lost data retrieved? Computer damaged by or inflicted with viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware/spyware, popups, other malware, and/or spam? Let us computer geeks confidentially service your computer hardware and software needs: LEGAL RESEARCH SERVICES: Need/interested in being educated about civil or criminal legal topics important to you? Let us provide you relatively very low cost legal research. John Williams is an experienced lay litigant (District Court + Appeals Court), lecturer of "pro se" law, and a prolific legal researcher, legal author and legal publisher of legal books (we are not licensed attorneys and we don't offer legal advice, legal opinion or legal claims; New Mexico residents only):

Prefer to trade rather than buy our products and services? Have items you no longer need but we do? Short of cash? We are interested in trading and buying (and also selling) numerous electronic parts, electronic test equipment, hardware, modern computer systems, computer peripherals, software, printing / publishing equipment / parts / supplies, books, small parts, scientific equipment, industrial equipment, commercial equipment, et al - too numerous to list here! For details of some of the items we are interested in trading for or buying from you that can eliminate or much reduce your out-of-pocket expenses for, see our items4trade.htm website, CLICK HERE =>
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